2021.10.20 11:37 DashDavid420 Wyld

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2021.10.20 11:37 Mrpooterpan Celebrations Binder Recommendations?

Hey y’all, as I near completing my set, anyone know of a smaller binder that would fit this set nicely? I see 360 pocket side loader binders all over the place but the smallest I’ve seen is 160. Anyone got any tips or any good recommendations for a smaller one?
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2021.10.20 11:37 Ollad Best Nunu World Reviews DWG CANYON ON NUNU

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2021.10.20 11:37 shat_aran All Silent Hill Comics Checklist

Hey guys! I've made a checklist for all existing Silent Hill Comics (includes all alternative Cover Arts too) because it's hard to find informations about them.
You can download the pdf Checklist in this Google Drive Link:
Click Here
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2021.10.20 11:37 TM_AerialAce giratina will inv 10 add 0303 4673 3148

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2021.10.20 11:37 autistichild6969 Just a peaceful day in rural México

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2021.10.20 11:37 OsageBrownBetty What do you do with all your glass packaging?

I don't want to throw them away but I literally have like 100 of these glass jars and pods. What can I do with them?
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2021.10.20 11:37 sookie_stacks Board and Train experience

Dropped my baby off for a 10 day board and train. I stopped by the same evening to drop off meds that I forgot and my trainer said

  1. He’s been an Angel and adjusting amazingly and has already done a place for 20 minutes, less shaking and anxiety etc
  2. This means there is something between my dog and my relationship that needs tweaked.
Oh boy- mixed emotions hearing this. I had a feeling my anxiety fed into his and vice versa so it was a cycle of anxiety lol. Apparently he knows exactly how to act to get his momma to stay attached to him.
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2021.10.20 11:37 DecayZ_ Can’t finish last part of vet act 2

Starts with herald of worms and everyone just farms it and leaves. I tell them I’m not farming and then usually get made fun of, told I’m wasting their time or they get upset I’m not running a farming build but it’s my lobby I started. Then I’m stuck soloing the bosses on the later levels because bots don’t help. I’ve tried to do this level fifteen times and people are just rude every time cause I’m not farming and no one ever stays after the level is over. I just want to finish it so I can move on to the next act
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2021.10.20 11:37 EMTemilia should i abandoned this artifact to farm 4 pale flame?

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2021.10.20 11:37 zukupfernlg 🚀 ExtraShiba launch soon 🚀 | 4% Shiba Rewards | Based Dev!!! | 🔥Dev will dox after launch🔥 | Anti-scam | Huge potential

Welcome to ExtraShiba
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You can invest and collect Shiba before Shiba flys to the Moon
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Where to buy? - You can buy the token on PancakeSwap, Poocoin, Dextool, ... -You can easily swap your BNBs to ExtraShiba.
Contract: Launch soon
Get on the train and shill everywhere. It’s safer than Safe. We the best token in the whole world 😊
We gonna hire a lot of influencer like cryptic maestro or crypto messiah. A lot of marketing will come. Listing on coinsniper and other listing sites are in the way too. We the best 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Knowing that you can invest in the token and be safe – not having something that is a honey pot or a rug pull based upon the developers history you know you can buy in and be able to trade safely.
Check out the telegram and meet the community. There have been some good laughs along the way. Community is growing fast!
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2021.10.20 11:37 Bsilly32 IBC 2015 Tabs?

I’ve got my NICET FAS lvl 3 coming up and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for specific tabs for IBC. I know I’m being cheap by not buying premade tabs but I’ve already broke the bank on scheduling the test as is. Specific references would be great
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2021.10.20 11:37 Azecsiane Periods and Moderna vaccine (menorrhagia)

[ Copper IUD since 2019 (february) Usually heavy periods, during 7 days ]
Hi !
I've had my second shot of moderna on september the 10th, and had my period on the 5th of october. Nothing abnormal, except the fact that I've been bleeding for 16 days now. It ain't as heavy as usual tho, I use one pad per day / night, but it's definitely fresh blood, not spotting.
Could it be linked to the moderna vaccine ? What else could it be ? Is it gonna stop anytime soon ?
I've tried to reach out to my gyno but she didn't answer yet.
Thanks for your advices and experiences !
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2021.10.20 11:37 lindseee628 🌸Readings Available🌸

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2021.10.20 11:37 uskwarrior Inspection report

Hello Folks,
Recently we visited a house for buying which seems to meet our criteria. However, the seller's declaration mentions a blockage of the drainage system in the garage, some cracks in the foundation, changing the shingles on the roof, reflooring the garage, deteriorated mortar in the chimney, wetness in the basement and possible mold etc.
We requested an inspection report and following appear to be the major issues:
I would really appreciate it if you check and let me know a rough estimate on the repair cost needed on the house.

  1. GARAGE \ Floor: Cracks were noted in the garage floor slab near the garage door. This is generally due to frost heave. Consult a qualified contractor to assess the cracks and make the appropriate repairs. Monitor the cracks for change, and if there are any changes, further assessment will be required.
  2. Due to the age of the building, and the issue with the blocked drain in the garage (see recommendations below), it is recommended to have the main sewer drain, garage drain, and French drain (if present) scoped with a camera by a qualified plumber to verify their condition.
  3. The garage floor drain is excessively rusty and blocked. Consult a qualified plumber to scope and unblock the drain immediately, and to make any necessary repairs in order for the drain to drain properly. The T-Trap is excessively rusty and may need replacement
  4. The shingles' overhang is too long. It should be no more than 19 mm (3/4 "). The shingles over time will bend and possibly crack. Correct when re-roofing. Implications: Reduced life expectancy of the bottom row of shingles, chance of water damage to finishes and structure.
  5. Cracks were noted in the foundation wall in various locations around the building. Consult a qualified foundation specialist to assess the cracks and to make the appropriate repairs to reduce the risk of water and/or insect infiltration, and further damage.
  6. Cracks were noted in the brick and stone veneer in various locations, mainly stemming from lintels and foundation cracks. Consult a qualified mason to repair the cracks to reduce the risk of water and insect infiltration. The cracked control joints should be repaired with a flexible sealant to allow for seasonal movement. Monitor all of the cracks for change. If there are any significant changes further assessment by a qualified professional will be required.
  7. The steel lintel over the garage is rusted beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Recommend to replace the lintel when undergoing the other masonry repairs, or in less than 2 years. The purpose of a lintel is to carry the load of brick or stone above doors and windows, therefore, it is important that they remain in good condition and not go rusty.
  8. Deteriorated/missing mortar was observed on the chimney. Consult a qualified mason to make the appropriate repairs to reduce the risk of water infiltration and further damage. Permanently cap the chimney when making the repairs.
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2021.10.20 11:37 yMorganaa 13: dei um "quase beijo" no garoto que eu gosto e até agora to surtando com isso

Nós tinhamos ido numa pastelaria pra comer depois de ir num culto (nem sou religiosa, só fui pq ele queria que eu fosse, fui que nem cachorrinho atrás), ai na volta ficamos conversando e pá, quando eu percebi que não tinha ninguém na rua. Tava de noite, nenhuma alma viva passava na rua e eu só conseguia pensar "eu quero beijar ele." Eu literalmente não conseguia mais prestar atenção no que ele dizia, então simplesmente parei, puxei ele, tirei a máscara dele e dei um selinho. (obs: eu não tirei minha máscara, MAIOR ARREPENDIMENTO DO MUNDO) AAAAAAA SURTO
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2021.10.20 11:37 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-toto-19

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2021.10.20 11:37 Nebu1aTM Looking for a phone

hey there I was looking for an old flip phone (because I thought they looked cool)
And I wanted to know if there where any that you could listen to music and had enough storage
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2021.10.20 11:37 meramera 3rd Quarter Results Coming. Save the Date: November 15

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2021.10.20 11:37 Maniakk1 ANALYSIS : KING & QUEEN - SPEEDRUN KINGS & QUEENS

Hi all,
Hope you are having a good day, and have a good time farming Kizuna.
Anyways, today I will talk about next legends to be released on GBL, King & Queen.
Hope the read will be good, and I will give a ranking at the end from 1 to 10 if you should pull or not (without knowing sales or banner).
King :

  1. Talking about base boost, back with double Class + Color, but this is excellent. Driven + PH is the best duo right now. So many top tier units that can be used.
  2. HP Boost is a bit on the lower side.
  3. Speed wise, 2 orbs considered matching is pretty good (although QCK orbs for QCK units doesn't really matter), but the main part is his unique attribute : Whenever you have an ATK boost, King will activate his specials in the following turn. This applies on Support or Swap. Added with his End of Turn damage, it's really easy to speendrun islands with low CD ATK Boost to proc his special.
  1. Remember, you get to use this special 3 times technically. So the CD on special is REALLY good because you get -3 turns technically.
  2. On top of that, you have a boost that activates on 2 turns, between Orb Boost on stage activated, and then Chain Boost, with no conditions.
  1. This ST is just to control a full board of matching except BLK removal.
Overall, this unit is really strong in speed and damage. -3 Turns of CD naturally, x2.5 Orb boost with x1.1 chain (on the high side of Chain boost), with automatic launch that doesn't affect you CD twice are really strong, with extra HP Cut (vs no NAO) and EoT high damage can just breeze through non-NAO content, but isn't dependant on that content.
Queen :
  1. Again, x5 for 2 classes and 1 color, and again Driven + PH is a great combo.
  2. Orbs are 2 different from King, meaning Duo captain can have 4 matching orbs for the best duo-class in the game.
  3. And Special activation on Orb Boost (that King gives)
  1. So... it's the same but ATK Boost (that procs King), and chain boundary (that combos perfectly with Chain boost).
  2. And still CD reduction, so you have -6 turns with King + Queen
Overall, Queen is just made to be paired with King, and both are individually very good.
You have 3 different turns of ATK/Orb/Chain/Boundary, 2 turns of Full matching orbs, -6 turns CD that gives them the best Speedrun teams.
Their offense is really good just thanks to Chain Boundary + CHain boost that gives them a pretty huge edge since not many PH/Driven offer that, and having your captains do 4 high tier buffs really helps out.
You can also pair both of them with Kid who can apply conditions for their ST, and also has ST for orbs, and gives STR ST depending on the content, giving a trio of captain who can speedrun, with full driven.
But they also have some issues :
Their Kizuna is also really good with x2.5/x2.5/Double chain buff, but the main issue is their dependance on having dual captain, so can't use FC Boosted unit as freely as other units that are better (Law/Kid/Yamato/RogePerona/Luffy/Toki/etc...) but still very good (top 10)
But it can also be said that Arena/Raid are the most renewed content and can be the center of content, and they are easily the top of that content, so they still deserve to be highly rated.
Overall, these captains aren't high individually, but their pairing with themselves and with Kid, another top tier captain, access to 2 top tier classes, and their unique ability to speedrun any content does make these units in the top 10 of captains, just by pure dominance is Arenas/Raid, and still good in Kizuna, while failing GC/Forest
PvP : I won't dive incredibly deep into this aspect, as I've explained already, but I will give some short opinions.
They are both really good. DEX is a very defensive archetype, and Queen goes well into that dynamic, and QCK is the strongest offense with fast specials that clear waves of enemies, and the speed of King with his ability to delete 1 enemy is really strong to get a snowball running.
Now, should you pull?
I will rate them as a 6/10. They are amazing, and with Kid, the trio dominates every Arena/Raid, and simplifies a lot of content once you have info on the stages.
But their easy to stop conditions by stalling (with the new effect), their lack of GC/Forest skills, and decent but not amazing Kizu are reasons to lower the ranking.
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2021.10.20 11:37 FidelsChild At a bit of a crossroads as a 27 yo so wanted to ask straight up - do you believe that dating difficulties are a valid reason to move to another city?

I am 27, working a stable office (public sector job) and live with my parents because rent is unaffordable and I'm trying to save for a downpayment (tho will likely end up renting within the next year or 2 anyways). Currently at a bit of a crossroads regarding my social life. I have a small, tight circle of close friends but have been feeling lonely lately with my dating prospects. Dating is pretty much non-existent. Since I live in the inner suburbs (i.e. not walkable), my life is WFH-->gym--home. I don't do the whole nightclubs/bars thing as much anymore because of A. saving money B. those not being the best places to meet women. I'm a very tall, intellectually minded black dude and I find when I've bene on vacay or places other than Toronto women are a lot more receptive to me. Dating apps are not an option as since the pandemic started I've been shadow banned by tinder, hinge, bumble for deleting my account and making new ones too often (probably a stupid move). I'm at a bit of a crossroads in life right now. Do y'all think that completely uprooting your life, job, etc. to move elsewhere (with dating difficulties being a high factor) is completely outrageous, or am I thinking rationally?
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2021.10.20 11:37 Phantom1188 Adventures in Kósmos, Part 5

Session Five
Location: catacombs beneath the mayoral manor, the town of Seidan
Day 3, very early morning
C345 leads the adventurers down through the corridors, pointing out a mausoleum dedicated to past and fallen workers. The automaton walks at a steady, methodical pace as the group approaches an open area in the corridor. He hugs up against the wall and tells the party to do the same. They shuffle along the wall one by one until C345 pulls a level hidden in the wall. A brick pops out and locks in place, and then C345 leads the group forward along the wall. The wall ahead looks as if it's crumbled and collapsed. A jagged pile of stones stands at the entrance to a black and ominous-looking tunnel. C345 looks at the tunnel casually remarks, "hmm. That's new," as he turns to face the landing of a staircase descending a pair of giant metal doors.
The doors tower over the adventurers. Its faces display intricately crafted inlays and sculptural features. A pair of large metal hands are positioned in the center of the doors and sculpted to look as if they are straining to pull the doors apart. Swage looks closely at the doors, but he isn't familiar with the type of metal used. He asks C345 if he knew anything about the meaning of the carvings on the doors, but C345 isn't sure. The doors had been there since the before the automaton was brought down to the cellars.
C345 stretches out his hand and says, "Here is the lab."
Kaz steps up and pulls at the doors, but the doors are locked down tight. He pulls again, but the doors still refuse to move an inch. Kaz summons all of his barbarian strength and pulls the doors right off their hinges. As he props the doors up against the walls, he realizes that this might have been a "push" kind of door instead of a "pull."
Inside the lab, burning braziers along the wall cast a purplish light throughout the room. Books and papers are strewn about the floor, and in the center of the room sits a desk completely covered in piles of loose papers except for a space just large enough for one single lit candle. Dove picks up one of the papers cascading from the desk, but she can’t understand the symbols. She passes it to Pele, and she recognizes the writing as Deep Speech.
Esha notices a chest tucked into a corner of the lab. She can feel the magic coming off the chest, but it's strange. It feels to her like the Weave itself is connected to some sort of primordial element. Swage uses his Firbolg magic, and he too can see the magic surrounding the chest. He also feels a strong magical force coming from underneath the teetering stacks of papers. He begins to move papers aside, and with Esha's help, they uncover the sleeping form of some sort of horned humanoid creature.
The horned figure stirs, blinks his eyes, and calmly reaches into his flowing red robes to retrieve a pair of spectacles and a small pipe. He lights the pipe and asks what this group was doing in his lab. The adventurers are unsure what to say until they all speak up at once, asking him who he is, how long has he been there, and what was going on with all the stacks of seemingly unorganized papers.
He introduces himself as Estafador and says that he is an archivist. He elegantly moves across the room with the poise and grace of a ballerina and consults an abacus and armillary sphere. He asks Dove if she knows the time. "Nighttime?" is her best guess. After a few turns of the sphere and the clacking of abacus beads, the Archivist guesses he's been down in this lab for approximately 150 or 200 years. He tells the adventurers that he had been stuck here since some "crazy old coot" had summoned him, and the piles of paperwork were his research on how to get back home.
He returns to his desk and asks the adventurers if they had their contracts. Kaz tells him that they don't have their contracts, but they do have a contract. Kaz hands over the contract they found with the shaman on the mountain. The Archivist looks over the contract and tells Kaz that he did not write this contract. It was made between Shasta and a demon named Baldur. Estafador scoffs, saying that he prefers writing more "trivial" kinds of contracts because they're just so fun. He is a demon who enjoys making people fall in love, pitting friends against each other over silly things, and granting petty wishes for enemies to die. He isn't into the "messier" topics like desires for power, nor did he care for what he calls “cultist nonsense.”
Dove's ears perk up at the mention of demons. She nearly interrupts the Archivist, telling him that she has a whole book about demons. She stumbles over the pronunciation, but Estafador smiles when he realizes she's carrying the Demonomicon of Iggwilv. His eyes sparkle and he asks if her book might be missing a few pages. Dove confirms that there are several torn pages, and Estafador coyly asks if she would like to make a contract with him. He will give her information about the missing pages if she agrees to do a favor for him at some time in the feature. Dove is wary of making a contract with a demon, but she excitedly dives her paws into the pockets of her cloak. She asks Estafador if instead of a contract, he would make a trade with her. She pulls out "treasure" after "treasure" from her travels, placing them on the uneven stacks of paper on the desk.
She offers a shark tooth from the shores of Chult, a silvery ribbon from an elven hat shop, and a glass jar containing three apple seeds that a wizard on Evermeet Island swore to her was magic. She also pulls out an audacious fake mustache, as well as a silky-soft braid of horsehair from her favorite cart horse, who pulled her along the Dusk Road. Estafador is bemused by the offerings, and he sticks on the mustache and twirls it at Swage. He tells her that there just might be a page of her book in the kingdom of Sillea. He walks over to the chest in the corner and opens it with a few words in Deep Speech. After gathering up several items from the chest, the Archivist offers Dove a collection of adorable plush animals. The four little plushes are in the shapes of an owlbear, a unicorn, a red dragon, and a tarrasque. Estafador tells her that snuggling with each animal provides a different healing effect.
Swage is also interested in possibly making a trade. Estafador offers to make a contract with him - the alluring demonic metal from the laboratory door in exchange for just one small favor later, that cannot be refused. Swage is also concerned about what this favor could turn out to be, so he asks again if there was something else Estafador might want in a trade. The Archivist opens his desk drawer, revealing a collection of unique and ornate pens. His current favorite is a thin, bony pen with a nib like a human fingernail. He says the best feature of this pen is that the holder simply writes a name on a piece of paper, and the Finger of Death spell immediately kills its target. The demon knows that Swage is a forge cleric and asks him to create a dazzling new pen for his collection.
Swage asks the Archivist if he has a favorite creature or beast, and the Archivist describes the unbearably cute and dangerously vicious demon fox. As the demon explained the fox's deadly acidic kisses, Swage sets to work. The Firbolg implores Gond for guidance as he begins the difficult and delicate task of making a pen that will impress the discerning demon. After an hour of working under Gond's watchful eye, Swage has completed the last little finishing touches.
The pen is magnificent. The pen contains four colors of ink: red, blue, yellow, and black. By turning each color's dedicated cogwheel, the holder could create and write in any color imaginable. Wrapped around the barrel is the fiery tail of the demon fox, and the top of the pen ends with a flaming flourish. Swage hands the pen to Estafador. The Archivist is left breathless by its beauty and the intricate design that truly captured the essence of his beloved demon fox. He takes the pen and is delighted by how easily he can write in a rainbow of colors. Swage is abashed by the praise and makes sure he gives credit to Gond, as this pen was only the second thing he had created.
Estafador is so impressed by this creation that he gifts Swage two items. One is a ring that will allow the wearer to sense the presence of selected enemies, and the other is a strange bone necklace. He explains that the necklace has special bones that had been carved into whistles, and the wearer can summon one pair of spectral beasts - bears, giant eagles, or dire wolves. He also slyly mentions that this necklace is just one in a collection, in case the Firbolg was interested in gathering up an entire menagerie.
The final item the demon has on offer is a glove that promises to make its wearer a master of any musical instrument, as well as provide a company of spectral musicians to add to the performance. Esha is unusually eager to have this glove and offers an assortment of her spores and herbs in trade.
The group is excited about obtaining such interesting treasures, but Kaz has more questions about Shasta's contract. He describes the terrifying demon on the mountain, but Estafador says he doesn't know of any demon fitting that description. The group was the first contact he had made with sentient beings in a very long time since no one comes down into the cellars. Kaz asks if he knows Shasta or even anything about the manor or the town above. The Archivist says he doesn’t know of a Shasta, but if he was anything like the previous mayor, he was also bitten by a creature. He also tells Kaz the contract that he’s holding is marked, meaning it can be traced.
Esha asks the demon about the collapsed tunnel they saw in the corridor. Estafador tells the adventurers to leave the tunnel alone since the person they will find at its end is crude, nasty, and just plain nuts. Kaz’s interest had been piqued by the foreboding tunnel, so he asks for more information about this crazy person. Estafador explains with an air of disgust that the person is named Zertis and that he was the one that summoned the demon and now won’t let him leave. He gestures at the papers all around him, and he estimates that his research into returning home to the demon realm is only about 42% complete.
Esha doesn’t understand why he’s doing all this research himself when some other wizards or sorcerers would most likely be able to help him. The Archivist scoffs and said that the only wizards who offered to help him were only interested in making a deal to obtain absolute power. Anyone else he approached would just scream “A demon!” and run away. He says that it hasn’t been all bad though. He had always been under the impression that humanoids were devastatingly incompetent and foolish creatures, and so far, his research is proving him correct. Making frivolous deals with humanoids and watching them scramble for the tiniest impression of power never fails to bring him joy.
However, he does have a longing for the time when he felt a little more needed here in this realm. He remembers people often coming to him for advice, favors, or guidance. He particularly recalls a pompous kid in Nethis who was always asking for help to make robots. Nowadays, he just feels forgotten. Dove brightly asks Estafador if he would like to come along with them, while Esha discreetly tries to get her to understand that this could be a very bad idea. The Archivist seems to consider the offer but lets the adventurers know he will give them an answer by the morning.
As the group goes to leave the laboratory, Swage does one last sweep of the room and its inhabitant but notices nothing out of the ordinary. Estafador bids them goodbye and shuts the broken metal doors behind them.
Esha notes the late hour and suggests the group head back up to the manor to get some rest. They again pass by the tunnel but can’t resist the urge to just take one little peek to see what’s down there. They decide to stop and take the time to attune to their magical items before heading into the darkened collapse.
While they wait, Dove can’t stop thinking about a comment Swage made in the laboratory. She asks him how it was possible that he, a forge cleric, had only made only one other item in his life, and that the marvelous pen he crafted couldn’t have been the work of a novice. He explains to her that Gond had only recently given him a divine gift for craftsmanship. He shows her the only other item he had completed under Gond’s guidance–the freshest, most rad pair of Chuck Taylor shoes that Dove had ever seen. Swage goes on to say that he has crafted plenty of items during his lifetime without Gond’s guidance, but that the process takes much longer, and the results may not be as remarkable.
Dove notices Kaz’s eyes flickering over to the owlbear plush, so she hands the snugglebeast over to him. Kaz is delighted, and now he has a sweet little plush to go along with the even sweeter Jorge still snuggled around his neck. Dove offers the red dragon plush to Swage, and he admits that red dragons have always been one of his favorites. She gives the tarrasque plush to Pele since a tarrasque’s fearsome power reminds her of Pele’s indomitable, fiery spirit. She holds onto the unicorn but lets the party know they are more than welcome to snuggle with the plush whenever they need it. Esha dons her new fashionable glove, and Swage places the bone whistle necklace around his neck.
Kaz asks C345 to walk down the tunnel ahead of the group to check for traps and to let us know if the way is clear. The automaton projects a beam of light from his head and begins walking off into the tunnel. After a few moments, he shouts “ALL CLEAR! NO ONE IS HERE!” in a booming voice that shakes the cavern. The adventures cringe at their loss of the element of surprise and join C345 at the entrance to a room at the end of the tunnel.
As the group peers in, they can see a huge table in the corner of the room, surrounded by a huge circle on the floor and two sizeable, flaming braziers. The table is cluttered with equipment, and the adventurers can also see the form of a large Warforged knight strapped to the table. The knight looks as if it is in the middle of a repair, with multiple metal tubes snaking in and around its body.
Dove has a fearful and hesitant reaction to the knight and doesn’t want to enter the room, which C345 takes as another sign that automatons just aren’t wanted in this world. The tabaxi tries to explain that it’s just her fear of restraint and entrapment that is scary to her, but C345 still looks dejected. Swage does another sweep with the spyglass and sees strange interactions between the shadows in the room and the light from the braziers, almost like the wavering shadows are being held at bay by the light.
Kaz asks if C345 recognizes the knight on the table, but C345 says that it doesn’t look familiar. Kaz can see a shelf full of various jars along the wall of the room, as well as some barrels and crates. He enters the room, followed by C345. Kaz implores the robot to speak quietly, and not to touch anything. Swage steps into the room as well, while Dove hangs in the entryway with her bow drawn. Kaz peers at the shelf of jars. None have labels, but some contain grisly specimens preserved in liquid suspensions. One jar has a small, jiggling ooze that seems to be struggling to get out of its glass prison.
The pair approaches the table and begins to search for any traps or hidden switches. Kaz takes a step forward and trips, catching himself by placing both hands firmly on the table. The circle beams with light and magical runes appear, searing with a blood-red glow. Kaz and C345 hold their breath and wait. Nothing seems to happen. C345 doesn’t know what the light and the runes mean, but it doesn’t appear that the Warforged knight has been activated.
As they turn from the table and step toward the center of the room, Kaz feels a pull, as if something has been ripped away from him. He looks behind him and sees that his shadow is no longer attached to his feet. He nervously tells everyone to stay away from the table as a tall, winged creature begins to form from the goliath’s shadow. Its long, sharp claws begin to reach for Kaz just as Swage’s shadow also rips away.
Dove quickly pages through the Demonomicon and identifies the creatures as shadow demons. She warns that these demons are formidable. They are resistant to many types of magical damage, and even to bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing attacks. Their only vulnerability seems to be radiant damage.
She slips her book back into her cloak and steadies an arrow to attack the demon lurching at Kaz. Her aim slips, and she mistakenly lands an arrow deep into Kaz’s shoulder. Swage sees that this fight is not off to a great start and uses the bone necklace to summon two spectral bears to fight alongside them. Kaz channels his rage rips the misplaced arrow out of his shoulder and smashes his maul into the demon in front of him. C345 is inspired by his hero Kaz and takes up the fight as well, landing two hits on the shadow demon. Kaz takes another hit (thankfully not from Dove this time), and he can feel the energy starting to leave his body. Esha casts Healing Spirit and sends an ethereal rabbit bounding across the stone floor. The rabbit jumps up to Kaz’s shoulder and begins to soothe his wounds.
Swage’s spectral bears claw and bite at the demons and draw the shadow demons’ attacks away from the adventurers. Kaz takes another mighty swing with his maul, dealing maximum damage to one demonic figure. Esha transforms herself into a giant riding lizard and bolts across the floor to take a devastating bite out of the shadow demon looming over Swage. Dove’s remaining arrows fly true, and she kills one of the demons, leaving its lifeless body pinned to the stone wall. Swage uses his hidden step to appear before the remaining shadow demon. He shouts, “The power of Gond compels you!” as he blasts the demon directly in the face with a burst of Guiding Bolt, killing the demon instantly.
Both Kaz and Swage’s shadows return to their rightful place, and the adventurers cautiously continue to investigate the room. Dove’s eyes sparkle as she looks over all the mysterious contents of the glimmering jars, but he resists the temptation and keeps her paws to herself. Kaz rummages through the crates and comes up with a set of scale mail, 70 gold pieces, and a scimitar with a shimmery oiled blade and an intricate handle of cogs and wheels.
Swage can sense magic emanating from the barrels and asks C345 to open them up. The automaton finds a bow, a piece of cloth, a brooch, a ring, and two vials of liquid. There is also a small bag containing 120 gold pieces. Swage goes over the cluster of found objects in front of him and can identify the names and capabilities of each magical item.
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I've been working on a wiki as well!
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Sorry not a physics question, but I know a lot of you are HE lecturers - We're finding pressure to abandon exams. WE don't think we'll maintain accreditation without exam as assessment.
Is anyone else finding this and if so how you are handling it?
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