25 [M4F] Florida/US. The Book of Life!...Well, not really, it's the book of my life. Read it at your own risk.

Mediumship is the practice of purportedly mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. Practitioners are known as "mediums" or "spirit mediums". There are different types of mediumship or spirit channelling, including seánce tables, trance, and ouija.. Belief in psychic ability is widespread despite the absence of objective evidence for its existence. Amanda added that this interview on the 1920 Everett High School Football team is a preview of a Request PDF | On Oct 25, 2018, Arie Stoffelen and others published Commodification of contested borderscapes for tourism development: Ethics, Moralities and Mobilities | Find, read and cite all Karen Neeley in Texas. com is dedicated to providing ... I watched an interview with her on a medical news channel on you tube and everything was calm in my life. All my fear of Covid ended in that moment. My family and I started taking Ivermectin preventively since April 2020. 89-year-old elderly mother, husband and I with bariatric patients and my 16-year-old and 10-year-old children.

2021.10.20 11:26 lgonz1008 25 [M4F] Florida/US. The Book of Life!...Well, not really, it's the book of my life. Read it at your own risk.

Read all you'd like, probably the book will be one of those bargain bin buys that you pick up on a whim and while most will say: "Hey, this book isn't good to go through", I'm just hoping for someone to say that they like it and want to know more. So for those few who might, continue reading.
Chapter 1: Basic Info and Career Choices:
I am 25, I am located in South Florida (which isn't great but nowhere as bad as I thought it was when I was younger), I am originally from the island of Cuba but I've been living in the US for nearly 15 years and most people tell me that I don't look or act Cuban.
I was originally meant to go into a biological science career since I always had this huge obsession and love for the natural world (keep track of this as it will be important later). But after realizing how much crap I was going to be given with Organic Chemistry, Physics and Calculus, I switched out to an IT major and that is where I am currently stuck in life. As a recently graduated IT student that managed to keep his job even when working from home in this current crisis.
I've bettering myself over the past year and turns out the exercising is really effective for that healthy mental state, among other things you'll find in chapter 2. Which speaking of...
Chapter 2: I'm a man that lives and dies by his hobbies
I have a variety of hobbies that make me sound like either an old man or a child that doesn't want to grow up!
Birdwatching and wildlife photography: this, this right here is my main pastime to the point that right now I'm horribly sad to be stuck indoors and having every wild area around me closed...point is, this hobby has helped me through some though times and it is what keeps me going and I combine it quite well with me next hobby.
Traveling: I love to travel, see new places, try new foods and more than anything see the birds and other creatures I can't see from my home. I have a trip planned next year for Guyana and I'm excited to say the least.
The Internet: this feels like cheating, but I use this thing a lot when at home or just to pass the time, I spend way too much time on YouTube (mostly watching British variety panel shows at the moment), but I also watch stuff from Crunchyroll and Netflix, and just go around different places to learn new things about what I enjoy.
Music: I really love music, though I have a bias for rock, but you can try anything with me in this field. Favorite bands include Led Zeppelin, Ghost, Dynazty, Man with a Mission, and Def Leppard (though recently I've been on a streak of listening to 70s dance music, not sure why).
I have other things but those can come later.
Chapter 3: What am I looking for?
To be completely honest, I just someone to like and welcome me the same way I would to them. It may sound cheesy or too broad of a goal, but it is something I strive for, I want to be able to tell someone what's do you think of this place next time we travel and they sound interested in it. I want someone that makes me grow as a person so I can be good for them, and I want the same back.
You could say I'm asking for much, but so be it, the first thing I would like however is to talk to someone and see if it even leads to something, because in the past I've made some great friends but not a true partner yet.
Bonus Chapter:
Didn't know where else to put this, so I'll put it here, I'm around 6'2, with black hair and grayish blue eyes, I'm not skinny but I'm not fat either, I'm just well built. Since I believe people need more details than that before meeting someone, I'd be glad to share a picture of how I look, as per usual, your picture get mine.
If you got through all of that, thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon, if not, thank you for your time and have great day!
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2021.10.20 11:26 unfafme Hairspray is better than Pomade/Clay (I'm a dude)

Yes, hairspray made for women is better, more practical, and easier to use than Pomade. I'm talking about all forms of "Hair holding Cream" that is specifically marketed towards men. Thinks like, Crew, Mitch, Goodfellow, Old Spice, Axe, Suavecito, Layrite, etc... I've tried everything and nothing gets more consistent hold especially when it gets wet from rain or sweat than hairspray. I use Marc Anthony with Argon Oil, it's cheap, doesn't have an overtly strong "female scent" and works better than everthing for men.
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2021.10.20 11:26 Exciting-Choice8297 Why did my boyfriend lie to me?

We met in November 2018 (through a dating app), hit it off straight away & he asked me to be his gf the day after the first date. He would come up and see me once a week. Initially (on the app) he had asked for my IG or number, so I gave my number as I felt this showed greater interest. His profile was public, mine private, and the next few months were a bit awkward because I didn't want to follow him first & he also took his time (took him 2 months to follow me). We've been together since then, so 3 years.
Before me, he briefly dated a girl in April time. She was pretty & educated. I noticed at the start of our relationship she was still on his instagram, but when we started following each other he removed her. She had liked some of his pictures in April, and he probably had liked hers too but her profile is private. I asked my bf about this girl & he said they dated for a month and he saw her like twice, she then broke it off. I asked him if he was gutted & if they had a better connection since they had each other on IG sooner... he told me no because that's not real life. He also said the dates were boring & rubbish and that she did him a favour by ending it, had she not done it apparently he would've ended it. However I'm confused because surely if it was that boring he wouldn't have bothered with a second date. Does it sound like he lied? How come he had her on social media so quickly if she was that boring?
tl;dr bf took a while to follow me on IG, followed previous girl/she followed him sooner, feel he might have lied about her
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mi tortuga bebe
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2021.10.20 11:26 Itherial Disconnected from server

Anyone else experiencing this issue on Steam?
Haven’t been able to play since yesterday before the maintenance thing.
Now it’s just disconnecting me from the server every time a run is about to start.
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2021.10.20 11:26 spharaoh1 Series like freaks and geeks , about school life

I recently watched freaks and geeks . I really liked the simpleness of this series , portrayed a school life , nerds and geeks. The thing i really liked about that it is classic old of year 1999 . No mobile , no computer , nothing new technology just classic drama . Can anyone suggest series like this , should be old shows school life.
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2021.10.20 11:26 ControllerPlayer06 Apple Players

Hello there Apple Players! I was wondering if you are still in Chapter 2 Season 3. If so, What are your thoughts of Fortnite in the state it is in?
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