Investigation of the Esoteric Order of Dagon via Dark Corners of the Earth

The underlying objective was empathy and openness, absent of judgment: to observe what is pure and good—or seemingly dark and villainous—with the eyes of a child. In Ghana during the late ’80s, a novel “mobile cinema” culture emerged when enterprising film fans screened Hollywood blockbusters in the backs of pick-up trucks using ... Here's the list, in order: 1. A Share in Death, 2. All Shall Be Well, 3. Leave the Grave Green, 4. Mourn Not Your Dead, 5. Dreaming of the Bones, 6. Kissed a Sad Goodbye, 7. A Finer End, 8. And Justice There Is None, 9. Now May You Weep, 10. In a Dark House, 11. Water Like a Stone, 12. Where Memories Lie, 13. Necessary as Blood and 14. No Mark ... The Nuwaubian Nation, Nuwaubian movement, or United Nuwaubian Nation (/ n uː ˈ w ɔː b iː ən /) is an American new religious movement founded and led by Dwight York, also known as Malachi Z. York. York began founding Black Muslim groups in New York in 1967. He changed his teachings and the names of his groups many times, incorporating concepts from Judaism, Christianity, UFO religions ... Departmento Cartigraphicae galaxy map depicting the bastions of the Machine God, ca. 999.M41. The Adeptus Mechanicus is the one Imperial Adepta that as the Cult Mechanicus actually predates the Imperium of Man itself, and was known originally as the Mechanicum of Mars. Though the Adeptus Mechanicus was formally integrated into the Imperium of Man by the Treaty of Mars (known as the Treaty of ... The Order of Nine Angles (ONA or O9A) is a Satanic and Left-Hand Path occultist group based in the United Kingdom, but with associated groups in various other parts of the world. Claiming to have been established in the 1960s, it rose to public recognition in the early 1980s, attracting attention for its neo-Nazi ideologies and activism. Describing its approach as "Traditional Satanism", it ...

2021.10.20 10:21 DougLifeTTP Investigation of the Esoteric Order of Dagon via Dark Corners of the Earth

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2021.10.20 10:21 BlankCheck88 Top Mexican Senator Says Marijuana Legalization Bill May Be Taken Up Within Weeks

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2021.10.20 10:21 SpiritualMessage Deltarune Top 5s

So now that it's over a month since the release of chapter 2 I think it's time to review our faves/least faves things about all the game thus far, here's some Top 5s for anyone who feels like it to answer

  1. Top 5 Characters
  2. Top 5 Lightners besides Susie and Kris
  3. Top 5 Darkners besides Ralsei, Lancer and big bosses (Jevil, King, Queen, Spamton)
  4. Top 5 OSTs
  5. Top 5 Fights
  6. Top 5 Non fighting moments
  7. Top 5 Items/Weapons/Armor
  8. Top 5 Jokes/Funnies
  9. Top 5 Least favorite characters
  10. Top 5 Things you're most eager to see or to happen in future chapters

My answers
Top 5 Characters
1) Susie
2) Kris
3) Lancer
4) Ralsei
5) Queen (it was the hardest to decide between Queen and Spamton)
Top 5 Lightners besides Susie and Kris
1) Berdly
2) Noelle
3) Alphys
4) Toriel
5) Catti
Top 5 Darkners besides Ralsei, Lancer and big bosses (Jevil, King Spade, Queen and Spamton)
1) Rouxls Kaard
2) Seam
3) Swatch
4) Task Manager
5) C Round
Top 5 OST
1) Field of Hopes and Dreams
2) The World Revolving
3) Big Shot
4) Knock You Down
5) Scarlet Forest
Top 5 Fights
1) Spamton Neo (normal route)
2) Jevil
3) Queen
4) vs Susie & Lancer
5) vs Queen & Berdly
Top 5 Non fighting moments
1) Kris ripping out the heart in Ch1
2) Susie rescuing Noelle + Ferris Wheel
3) Kris creating the Fountain
4) Noelle getting the Thorn Ring
5) Susie joining Lancer and forming the Dark $!$? Squad
Top 5 Items
1) Spookysword
2) Tea
3) Thorn Ring
4) Dealmaker
5) Cards
Top 5 Jokes/Funnies
1) "You said you were a gamer" "Berdly, I only play mobile games"
2) Lancer's signs
3) Rouxl Kaards failing at puzzles
4) Noelle being thirsty AF for Susie
5) Machine to thrash your own ass
Top 5 Least favorite characters
1) Spade King
2) Cap'n
3) Clover
4) Snowy
5) Monster Kid
Top 5 Things you're most eager to see or to happen in future chapters
1) Kris ripping out the heart in front of someone (awake lol)
2) Susie's home and family
3) Asriel
4) If Berdly is really dead in snowgrave
5) Toasting with Seam to the end of the world
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2021.10.20 10:21 Foreseon [FOR HIRE] Experienced graphic designer/Photo editor is ready to help you with your graphic project! Brand Identity Design, Logos, Photoshop work/Photo editing! Also offering website design/website hosting.

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2021.10.20 10:21 IDanceWorseThanThomY God is dead: a history of Modern philosophy

In this video, Bryan Magee and his guest Ernest Gellner discuss the history of Modern philosophy as a reaction to the waning authority of the Christian worldview. The Protestant Reformation of the early 16th century made room for the Scientific Revolution later that century. With these developments, a stable worldview was crumbling: “the old certainties are undermined and with them toppled the old authorities. So the problem was raised in a new and acute form: how can our claims to knowledge be validated?” This, they argue, is the central question of Modern philosophy, which began with Descartes in the 17th century.
They do not discuss Nietzsche specifically, but they are essentially discussing Modern philosophy as a reaction to the death of God. The video is about 40 minutes and here are the highlights.
Central theme: establish a new method for attaining knowledge

Relativism arises with the breakdown of authority, but Modern philosophy generally rejects this view in its pursuit of a basis for knowledge
Wittgenstein of the TLP: language circumscribes what can be known by limiting what can be meaningfully thought and said; thus, much of the problem of knowledge is not actually a problem.
Second key theme: a new understanding of humans in this world that preserves our humanity
Advancements in knowledge are dehumanizing; humans become objects of investigation that can be explained by theories like any other physical thing; thus, there is a disenchantment with ourselves as the “specialness” of humanity is lost
Philosophy focuses on new areas of human activity – politics, art, etc.
Example: Marx’s historical materialism provides a new narrative of humanity based on our material/economic conditions and the history of class struggle, but its shortcoming is that it maintains a utopian/messianic expectation
Example: Existentialism is preoccupied with the human situation: individuals must take responsibility for their own worldview and moral commitment; yet, that's not really the human situation, but rather the situation of humans in a society that has lost its metaphysical foundation. Moreover, it engages in too much a priori reasoning about how humans feel rather than empirically researching how humans feel
What are your thoughts/reactions to their discussion?
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2021.10.20 10:21 Stock_Titan OPTI | WeShield Responds To OPTEC International, Inc. Information Statement

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2021.10.20 10:21 j_like King Kong ain't got NOTHING on the MVP!

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2021.10.20 10:21 Swoopscooter Whats up with Lima? Lyrics question

Pizza Alley and Mystery fish both make references to Lima , Peru and I have wanted to know the significance for a while. I admit Im not a super duper fan that watches all his interviews or anything , if anyone knows what historical event took place or maybe he had a formative experience there that could help me get it? I wikid lima and it was a dead end...i apologize if this has been posted before, i wish reddit had an in-sub search
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2021.10.20 10:21 BotDefense overview for Modestapd3

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2021.10.20 10:21 ThingsThatShouldntBe So true

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2021.10.20 10:21 thisfairyqueen Not So Berry challenge Update 0.3

Araminta and Jamel welcomed another baby girl, Briar Hensley (the rose gen heir) just in time for Harvestfest! The Bare Essentials Gnome appeared in the nursery, possibly traumatizing the children and Araminta did not take it well. She gave the Gnome a good kick, bringing judgment upon their house and ruining the holiday for everyone. But can you really blame her for being a protective Mama Bear?
That weekend the family celebrated the twins birthday! Now of age, the half-alien girls are fully in control of their disguises. They look a lot like Jamel in their human forms, but no one knows where they got their red hair... Quiet, nerdy Estella joined the drama club, and cheerful, athletic Esther joined the Llama Scouts!
Meanwhile, Araminta's work friend, Alex, has been spending a lot of time around the Hensley's and has taken a romantic shine to Jamel. Araminta has a bit of jealous streak and does not like that. One. Bit. She also has a rather mischievous nature, so Alex may want to watch her back. And her front. And her sinks...
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2021.10.20 10:21 AdManNick How Are You Battling Spam Form Submissions?

Hey, all. Several of the clients I work with have been getting their inboxes flooded with spam from the website contact forms. We use Active Campaign and the basic Wordpress forms. All of them have the "check this box to make sure you're human" captcha. But we're still talking literally at least 10 spam emails a day. This is for clients that are strictly organic traffic and also ones that have PPC campaigns going. What do you do to cut down on the spam?
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2021.10.20 10:21 xtnt316x Err code with non LHR card in hiveos?

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2021.10.20 10:21 VietKingKongKang Other than Hulk Hogan, are there any other wrestlers who are kind to fans, but not to other wrestlers?

Hogan holding the Make A Wish record before Cena and being acknowledged by Bret Hart as doing his duty to his fans, however he might have treated other wrestlers, with his politicking.
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2021.10.20 10:21 zatatmando finally colored in an older piece. ladybug on lily.

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2021.10.20 10:21 HASANFLAME123 Little Caprice

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2021.10.20 10:21 rakesh_85 [FIDE] Grand Swiss applying for an exemption from the new restrictions in Latvia

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2021.10.20 10:21 Tasty-Background6019 starting today

starting day 1 today of ending this shitty habit today, really excited to see what’s to come. Looking for an accountability partner if anyone is interested!
Let’s beat this shit together ✊🏼
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2021.10.20 10:21 Chieri_ [Various] GALAXY STARLIGHT MIX. 46tracks. 2hr54min.

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2021.10.20 10:21 MantisKing1 Terrain Workshop: Papercraft Quonset Hut 2

My blog post for Wednesday, October 20th, 2021.
Feel free to ask questions.
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2021.10.20 10:21 JimWick13 Arbutus October Sunrise

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2021.10.20 10:21 unbecoming___ I am so pissed off at so many things right now that all I feel is intensifying general anger

I hate the fact that my parents are too closed minded to listen to me. That they cannot, for the life of them, consider anything I say with any amount of nuance. It’s as if the Great Iron Dome of Jesus is locked around their heads.
I hate the fact that despite finishing university with honors degree in applied mathematics, I cannot find a single fucking job that doesn’t require 3-4 years experience in this economy. much less respect from pedant parents.
I hate the fact that I’m broke and cannot afford see a mental health professional without health insurance because it’s too expensive.
I hate the fact that i’ve been having girl problems for the most ridiculous reasons. I cannot seem to find really compatible partner. Either I’m too picky or the pool in my community is poor.
I hate the fact that all my common food items have been out of stock for weeks.
I hate the fact that all my family and relatives are locked into a ape-like politically deranged food fight—as if the all the problems in the world lie are sided Democrats vs. Republicans.
I hate the fact that I’m still living with my parents because rent and housing is so god damn expensive it makes no sense to live on my own.
I hate the fact that gas prices have been ridiculously high for months, which means that, as a delivery driver, means 1/3 of my earnings go toward fuel, not including taxes.
I hate the fact that I hate the day so much that I’ve almost become nocturnal.
I hate the fact that im addicted to everything I fucking touch.
I hate the fact that because I’m a teenager, no one treats me as if I’m an equal adult.
I hate this fucking generation. Our, the civilized planet is doomed if we continue on the same trajectory. There will be no technological singularity. Mars is a pipe dream.
Good fucking night and thank you for reading my rant….
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2021.10.20 10:21 jordannafoxx Things are heating up at forums just released ! crypto porn series in NOV mcap 2.5m supply 63m fully doxxed 😵🥰😵🥰

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2021.10.20 10:21 OkAbbreviations895 Cover of Ambar by Raghu dixit. Im a South Indian Singer with basic guitar experience(2yrs) and decent enough vocals. Feedbacks appreciated. Thank youu!

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2021.10.20 10:21 Josh1923 CEI primed for another run? looks like it adding a lot more PROG and some cei

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