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🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to become the Ultimate Crypto Team!

2021.11.27 14:24 Revolutionary_Yak850 🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to become the Ultimate Crypto Team!

🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to become the #1 DeFi Token in Crypto. Join the Aqua Shiba Takeover Today!
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2021.11.27 14:24 doodoopiss my account has been hacked. This is the person.:(

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2021.11.27 14:24 Ben4827461 What song in your opinion is perfect?

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2021.11.27 14:24 CaptainK0na Another mini donut

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2021.11.27 14:24 not-an-illithid Who says forever DM’s can’t have fun

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2021.11.27 14:24 ikillyou908 LF ditto ft masterball

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2021.11.27 14:24 hansolodolo96 Blurry picture of a cat

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2021.11.27 14:24 NickGurr42O Heatran on me 4173 4547 9440

No need to comment, just accept the invite
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2021.11.27 14:24 miturriauga Airdrop at 5k holders - Kong Inu - Less then 500k marketcap!

🦍KONG INU just relaunched not even a week ago -Whitepaper just released -Major whales out, $100 will go far on this project trust! ✅Burned 27 percent of supply today! ✅Air Drop at 5K Holders! ✅Under 500 Holders! ✅Under 500k Marketcap! ✅Strong Marketing Plan!🚀 ✅TRUSTED DEVS! ✅NO MAJOR WHALES!
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2021.11.27 14:24 gil-famc Places In The World That Have The Same Names (& Why?)

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2021.11.27 14:24 nk11 I heard Christopher Mintz-Plasse died after Kick Ass 2 before the release. I checked today, he's still alive. Anyone else thought this?

I remember pointing him out in a movie once to someone and telling them he's dead. I felt real bad about it because he's a very recognisable face I'd love to see in a lot more movies. It was always exciting a bit uncomfortable when he appeared on screen, because I was thinking he was dead at such a young age.
Last time I saw him in a movie, he was a delivery guy. I don't remember more.
So, did anyone else hear he was dead at the time of kick ass 2's release? I heard it on some ET news. Maybe this is some Mandella effect thing. Maybe I'm from an alternate reality. Maybe I'm thinking of another actor who looks like him, or maybe I'm just confused. Or maybe, just maybe, some reporters got it wrong and that's where I heard it from. Yeah, that last one seems plausible.
Him being dead was something I thought I knew for many many many years and then today, I find out he's still alive.
Has anyone else thought this guy was dead?
While you answer, I need to go check of Robin Williams and Alan Rickman are alive.
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2021.11.27 14:24 RJNNJR Very sad

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2021.11.27 14:24 Amoeba_03729 Recreated prs's achievement house in minecraft

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2021.11.27 14:24 willboss27 After The End - Chapter 13 - "Sweeping Pieces Off The Chess Board"

Characters appearing: u/browncatmaster (Gravitas Flight), u/ZaniElandra, u/mrbones2810 (Mr. Bones), u/HaroldMcbob (Argentum Chalice), u/IcyPatience7 (Cipher Obscure), u/AbsoluteUnit69_420 (Golb the Janitor).
Sweeping Pieces Off The Chess Board Zani and Gravitas were waiting. Gravitas had used the Whispering and called for Argentum Chalice, who was the Sanctuary’s lead doctor and former student of Reverie Synecdoche. Gravitas also called for Cipher, reasoning that if Argentum had anyone that needed help, he could teleport Argentum around the Sanctuary. Cipher appeared in front of them, one of his hands on the shoulders of a man that appeared as if he’d just been teleported out of a lab.
Gravitas looked up, a frown of concern on his face. “Cipher, go to the roof of the High Sanctuary. Someone’s hurt up there. Really badly hurt.”
Cipher nodded and teleported away.
Zani appraised Argentum swiftly. He was a very tall, very skinny individual, who was always wearing a white lab coat. His pale skin was bordering on translucent and his brown hair was the only touch of colour the man had. Argentum immediately rushed over to Fenix and placed both hands hovering over Fenix. Argentum’s veins turned golden and a soft shaft of golden yellow light blossomed from the palms of his hands. Watching intently, Zani could have sworn he saw tiny golden orbs floating down from Chalice’s hands into Fenix’s chest.
Suddenly, Cipher re-appeared, a mask of mourning on his face. Zani straightened himself, beginning to ask what was wrong when he saw Tuck in his arms. Tuck, covered in blood. Zani’s heart lurched in his chest and he staggered over. Cipher laid Tuck down gently and took a step back. With trembling hands, Zani kneeled over his friend, blood covering his right side.
“It was Xompsel,” Cipher said, his golden eyes filled with sadness. “He saw me and teleported away. I would have pursued him but I… I saw Tuck and...”
Gravitas jerked in surprise at the mention of the Sanctuary teleporter and Zani looked back at Tuck. “Tuck, can you hear me?” He grabbed his friend's hand. There was no response.
“Tuck!” Zani said a bit louder. Nothing.
Trying to remain calm, Zani rounded on Argentum. “Please, you need to help him. He’s dying.”
Argentum shook his head, his face drawn and pale. His hands shook as he returned them to his pockets. Fenix was breathing normally again, his wounds all knitted up. “I don’t have the energy. I spent it all on Fenix. If Pier were here… but he’s not…” Argentum keeled over, unconscious by the exertion of dragging one individual from near death.
Gravitas put a hand on Zani’s shoulder but he shrugged the sensitives hand off. He turned to Cipher.
“Please, Cipher-” Zani began.
Cipher raised his right hand, black and dead. “You see this Zani? This is what happens if I experiment too much,” He dropped it back down. “Besides, you know what Blotch and the scientists said. If I use any more powers, I mentally go downhill. I could go insane. I… I….” Cipher’s eyes flickered to Tuck.
Gravitas got up. “Use me as an energy source. I’ll be your counterweight.” Cipher hesitated, then nodded.
Releasing a deep breath, Cipher slowly got on his knees. He placed a hand on Gravitas’ shoulder and, with a swift jerk, pulled the dagger out of Tuck’s side. Moving quickly now, he laid one hand on Tuck and another, briefly, on Argentum. That was all he needed. A brief touch to understand the mechanics and energy of another discipline. Golden energy swirled from Cipher’s hands and enveloped Tuck, a significant portion of it concentrated around the ghastly knife wound in his side. Zani watched as the deep wound in Tuck’s side slowly healed, knitting itself together. Tuck arched up, his eyes open but unseeing, his mouth open in a scream that made no sound. Then, he relaxed and his breathing returned to normal, his wound healed.
Zani looked up at Cipher. “Cipher, thank you so-”
He stopped. Cipher was clutching his head with a look of immense pain on his face.
Zani stood up, cautious but concerned. “Cipher. Cipher what’s wrong? Cipher-”
Then he saw it. The blackened scorched skin that had covered his hand for the past three years had spread all the way up under his similarly black robe sleeves. Looking up, he felt horror spread like ice in his chest as he spotted the same blackness peaking over his collar.
“Cipher, you need to-” Zani stepped forwards.
“Zani, stop.” Gravitas warned. Zani ignored him. Big mistake. With an animalistic roar of pain, Cipher lashed out, backhanding Zani with such force that he slammed into the wall, knocking the breath out of him.
“My head,” Cipher moaned through gritted teeth. “It won’t stop!” His body twisting and curling in pain, Cipher teleported. He was gone.
Gravitas hurried over and grabbed Zani, helping him up. As he did so, he took a pen out of his pocket and began scribbling on Zani’s arm. At first, he thought Gravitas was having a spontaneous vision and went to remove him but stopped. Not that continuing would have mattered. Gravitas had an iron grip on his forearm. Zani focused and realised that Gravitas was drawing a sigil of healing on him.
“Since when could you do that?” Zani asked, baffled.
“Tuck,” Gravitas murmured without looking up. “He’s been giving me some private lessons on the side. Mine certainly aren’t as good as his, or even the Supreme Mage’s, but they’ll do.” Finishing his sigil, he put the pen away. Zani felt a sweet coolness go down his side and he felt better instantly.
“Right. You need to get going. I heard the Supreme Mage mention that someone needs to go down and assist the Grand Mages.”
“But what about you? Even with Xompsel gone, there’s still plenty of Hollow Men in the area. You’re vulnerable out in the open. You need to -”
Gravitas held up a hand. “Elandra, I’ve got a dagger and I’ve got the beacon sigil for the Supreme Mage. Besides, Fenix should be getting up soon thanks to Argentum. It’s ok. You need to protect the Grand Mages. I can’t tell you who, but there’s people down there. They’re trying to kill the Grand Mages. They need you. Now!”
Zani nodded. “Vesuvius ran off to help some operatives in trouble. If he comes back, tell him where I’ve gone.”
Gravitas shook his head. “The Supreme Mage is busy on the third floor rescuing other operatives from what’s left of the Hollow Men. It’s alright. I’m not useless, Zani.”
Zani hesitated, his eyes flitting to his friend, who was lying unnaturally still on the marble floor. He didn't want to leave, but he didn’t have much of a choice. He pivoted on his feet and began running. He wasn’t too far away from the stairs leading down to that basement. Everyone that had been trying to get down there had been deterred one way or another. For whatever purpose, Mr. Bones, BipBap and Skafflock really didn’t want them going down there.
He turned down a hallway and was confronted with a large group of Hollow Men marching down its length. Zani cursed and raised his hands to fight when a man wearing brown leather armour in the style of an 17th century pirate, hat and all, wielding a brightly coloured broom came charging out from one of the branched hallways. The man’s unusually long fingers danced up and down the broom’s handle, activating sigils that did a variety of different things. Sometimes it spat out jets of water that pushed the Hollow Men back. Another sigil saw the broom head sharpen into razor blades that sliced through the Hollow Men as if they were thin air. Zani did his best to help, sending vines to slow down the Hollow Men and hacked away with his spear, throwing it to pierce multiple Hollow Men before conjuring another from the constant greenery that swirled around him. The man turned to look at Zani and Zani blinked. It was Golb.
“Mr. Zani, you looked like you needed help?” He turned to whack an approaching Hollow Man in the face, then turned back to look at Zani.
“I sure do Golb,” Zani said breathlessly. “Let’s do this.”
They worked as a team, Zani and Golb. While Zani hacked away with his spear and tore through the Hollow Men with blades of shrubbery, Golb went on a massacre with the broom. Truth be told, Gold did most of the work. He was a demon, cutting swathes through the Hollow Men, flooding the hallway and overall being an absolute nuisance.
Golb looked back at Zani, his face covered in sweat. “You doing fine?”
Zani nodded. “Yeah, just fine.”
Golb turned back around and kept moving forwards, wading amongst the Hollow Men and decimating any that dared to come close to him. Zani sent the occasional barrage of bladed grass through the Hollow Men, but feared hitting Golb. Eventually he decided to conserve his energy in the event of an attack on the Grand Mages and simply watched as Golb danced through the crowd of Hollow Men, his broom being used expertly. Zani had attended a particularly delightful lecture conducted by Vesuvius Blotch himself, regarding the Crenga. Vesuvius had theorised that the reason why the scientifically-inclined warrior Crenga race were so close to extinction was due to a war they’d had with the Jackdaws centuries ago. Jackdaws were a race of monsters capable of jumping higher than any person should be capable of and defying every law of inertia and velocity. Spring-Heeled Jack, once the Terror of London, had been a priciple topic of the lecture, having been quite possibly the last of his species. They’d even brought his corpse into the room to show the crowd. The lecture had been aptly titled ‘The War between Monsters’. Every day, the scientists in the High Sanctuary were unearthing new findings that revealed a whole new piece of history they’d been unaware of previously.
Golb cleaved through the final few and turned back to Zani. “Thank you for your most generous help.”
Zani waved a hand at Golb, rolling his eyes. “You were doing great anyway. Besides, your ancestors needed to see and make sure you were still up to the task.”
Golb huffed. “I am a Crenga. Of course I was up to the task.”
Zani smiled. “Of course. Right, Golb. You cover this floor and make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone. I’m going to help the Grand Mages.”
Golb nodded and ran back the way he’d come. Zani watched Golb’s retreating figure then continued forwards, stepping over the remains of the Hollow Men. He kept moving. He had somewhere to be. As he got closer to the Grand Mage quarters, he noticed increasing signs of a battle that had been hard-fought. Corpses of sorcerers bludgeoned by Hollow Men. The tattered ruins of countless Hollow Men and… puddles of… milk? Zani could hear distant yelling and screaming coming from all over but he had to ignore them. He had to ignore them all and pray the corpses weren't anyone he knew well.
He began sprinting down the hallway, the large potted plants hanging on the walls brushing his shoulders. His jacket flapped as he sped along. He was still running when the wall of air slammed into him, taking him off his feet. He fell onto the marble floor awkwardly, his world becoming a mess of limbs. He blinked the shock off of himself and looked up to see a frightful figure. Mr. Bones, marching towards him.
Zani scrambled up and adopted a defensive stance. He felt the coiling power of the plants around him perking up at his probing. He could send them straight into them. But not yet though. Got to wait for it.. Wait for it.. NOW! With a single command with his mind, the plants around him exploded into action, growing and warping and stretching towards his enemies. Mr. Bones raised his arms, his muscles flexing, and twin columns of fire met the vines and shrubbery halfway. Smoke quickly filled the hallway, reducing Zani’s vision.
Mr. Bones lunged out from the smoke, hands outstretched. He charged into Zani, his larger physique allowing him to pick Zani up off his feet by the neck, and drove Zani into the ground.
“Hello Mr. Elandra. I do apologise for the mess I’ve made, but I’ll be sure to get around to it as quickly as possible. So if you wouldn’t mind-”
Zani shot a desperate hand out, and a thick vine shot out from behind him and rammed into Bones, pushing him all the way up to the ceiling. Bones snarled and pushed at the air, jetting him out from underneath the large vine. He landed a few metres away in a crouch, hands splayed for balance. Zani rushed forward, arm outstretched to form his spear as he ran. Jumping with one foot against the wall, he propelled himself upwards and towards Bones, his spear at the ready.
“Sneaky.” Bones muttered.
Zani feinted with the spear, then threw a hand up and a large plant hurtled past him. Mr. Bones moved quickly, leaning to the side and dodging the plant.
Mr. Bones looked at Zani with a determined, almost loathing look, on his face. “I don’t think so, Elandra. You will not stop this. This is the will of the Gods.”
He raised his hands, and, with a split second left, Zani threw his spear. The wall of air interrupted his trajectory and sent him hurtling back, but his spear pierced through the air and broke his opponent’s concentration. Zani looked up in time to see Bones dive into a combat roll to avoid the spear. As his opponent got up, Zani watched as Bones made a scooping motion with his hands. When he straightened, his arms were encased in rock. Bones advanced forwards in a boxers stance, arms out in front and body twisted. He got close and swung a forward punch which Zani batted aside, twisting to launch his left palm into Bones’ face. Bones pivoted on one foot and swung his right fist in a vicious arc that Zani had to duck under. So concentrated on one fist, Zani didn’t see the other until it hit him like a battering ram, sending him sprawling down the hallway. Staying on his feet, Zani felt for the shrubbery and shredded it with his mind. Kneeling, Zani threw his arms out. Thousands of small bladed particles of greenery hurtled towards Bones.
Bones raised both arms and pressed them against each other, creating a solid wall of air to shield himself. A few blades got through and nicked and cut through his grey robes. A blade sliced through his cheek, right under his eye, drawing blood that fell like tears. If he felt pain, he didn’t show it. With a roar, he swept his arms aside and the air came back at Zani, forcing him to dive. Coming back up, he leaped back to avoid a swinging fist from Bones. Forming another spear, he prepared himself. The stones encasing his foe's left arm crumbled away and Bones ripped a blade off the wall. He advanced.
“You won’t win, Detective. The Dark Gods are with me.” Lightning flashed through the windows, illuminating Bones’ dark eyes and showing the madness within.
“The Dark Gods have entered this world twice and they were fought back with a golden stick and some people. Some gods.”
Bones swung his blade and it sheared the air between them. “All that has proven was their inevitably. The first heathens, the Ancients, betrayed their masters and sent them away from their rightful rule of the world,” Zani twirled his spear and slashed at his opponents throat. Bones blocked it with his stone arm and slashed at Zani with his sword. Zani was forced to spin his spear in a circle, batting the blade away. “But they have come back, twice. Their cries have filled the air. They were merciful enough to not destroy everyone on this god-forsaken planet.”
The two of them fought savagely, back and forth, their muscles aching and bodies tiring. But their minds remained sharp and their eyes never left each other’s. Blood was spilt. A cut in the bicep there. A slash across the back of the hand here.
Zani was now in a vortex of greenery and shrubbery, a constant swirl of destruction that tore pieces off the wall and carved through the carpet. Mr. Bones couldn’t physically get to Zani but was using every bit of the fire element at his disposal. It didn’t matter what Zani did, Bones was always able to get his way out of it. Even worse, Zani was tiring and Mr. Bones’ determination hadn’t waned. In fact, Zani could barely see Bones, given the wall of flames that had enveloped his vortex.
Zani had to do something desperate. Mr. Bones was winning. He wasn’t trying to kill Zani. He was just distracting him. Zani needed to get to the Grand Mages. Releasing his vortex in a blast that sent shockwaves rippling down the hallway, Zani lunged forward with his spear, aiming for his opponent's heart. But Bones wasn’t caught off guard. Moving fluidly past the tip of the spear, he grabbed Zani’s wrist with an iron grip. With a twist and pull, he broke Zani’s hand. Zani yelled in pain and swung his free fist at Bones, sinking it into Bones’ cheek. Undeterred, Bones pressed a hand against Zani’s side and set it aflame. Then, with a cruel punch, sent Zani staggering away. Zani’s legs buckled from underneath him and he rolled to stop the flames. Mr. Bones was approaching, forcing Zani to get up and backpedal quickly. His opponent was pacing faster now, his hands flexing and sparking with fire.
Zani backed away, his favourite jacket scorched and left hand broken. The hallway was covered in vines and shrubbery and greenery, twisting and turning in an attempt to trap his foe. He'd spent all of his energy, but it didn't matter. Mr. Bones kept coming, fire in his eyes and in his hands. Zani fell again, completely drained of energy. Mr. Bones was almost upon him when -
Golb appeared out of nowhere, wielding his mop before him. He cried a battle cry and pounced at Mr. Bones. With a speed that shocked Zani, Bones twisted and grabbed Golb in mid-air. Still turning, he thrust forwards and threw Golb through the window. Glass exploded outwards and the rain was suddenly falling through the open gap into the hallway.
Zani gritted his teeth, trying to ignore the fire in his side. He looked up. Mr. Bones was approaching again.
“Mr. Elandra, did you really think you had any hope in winning? While I have been playing with you, Skafflock has been entertaining the Grand Mages. I was down there earlier but,” Bones crouched down to pluck something out of the wall near the entrance of the doorway leading down to the basement, “I was alerted of someone coming our way.”
Zani shook his head to clear it as Mr. Bones came back. “How? You’re not a Sensitive. Neither is Skafflock or BipBap or Xompsel. How did you…” Then Zani looked closer at the gadget in Bones’ hand. “BipBap,” Zani breathed. “He replicated some sort of Sensitive magic, didn’t he?”
Mr. Bones smiled and pocketed the gadget. “He did.”
“You won’t get away with this.”
Mr. Bones smiled, crouching down over Zani. Still smiling, he grabbed a fistful of Zani’s hair. Zani tried to push away with his right hand, but Bones pushed them away. He was still smiling when his fist connected with Zani’s face.
Zani’s head snapped back and hit the floor. Dazed, he could have sworn he felt a faint temor in the ground. Before he could investigate further, his head was being raised again. Another punch and his head was back against the ground. He felt something in his hair. Something small moving within.
Mr. Bones raised his head up again. “My dear Zani, you really should have learnt how to play chess.” Then his fist was coming and everything went dark.
submitted by willboss27 to skulduggerypleasant [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 14:24 North-Tip2295 Gaster meme i found

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2021.11.27 14:24 deltadash1214 Can anyone tell me what this is????

Can anyone tell me what this is???? submitted by deltadash1214 to guitarcirclejerk [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 14:24 Embarrassed_Ad7389 I’ve been making items for our campaign, is this to strong, what changes do you suggest?

Yes it’s a Overwatch inspired item lol.
BAMF Ring of the Six-Gun (Requires attunement must be level 3) Ring contains 6 charges that “reload” 1 round/ slot on kill-shot made by the ring in order to activate (maximum 6 rounds reloaded) or short (3 reloaded)/long rest(fully reloaded). Using an attack action or bonus action point your finger like a gun at a target and make a magic weapon ranged attack (30ft), can’t be used with ranged weapon in hand. Spell activation word is “Pew Pew” instantly dealing 1d6 +1 force damage and repelling target 5ft. Can be used with melee weapon in hand but forfeits bonus (+) damage, no minimum range. If a 1 is rolled the ring makes a click noise and nothing happens but still expends one slot, if a 20 is rolled it expends all 6 shots even if 6 aren’t “loaded” and is instantly fully reloaded. Target must be within sight/ range and the finger must be pointed at it. At 5th level it deals 2d6 +1 force damage, at level 7, 2d6 +2 force damage. At level 9, 3d6 +1 force damage. At level 11, 3d6 +2 force damage. At level 13 4d6 +1 force damage. At level 15 4d6 +2 force damage. At level 17 5d6 +1 force damage. At level 19 6d6 force damage and the ring (at level 19) can be fully reloaded once per day by spinning the revolver ring on your finger and saying the spell activation words “yippee ki yay mother#%€$&”
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2021.11.27 14:24 KoolKbeludo "Lemme tell you somethin' about Brick. We snagged him during the fall of New Haven. He never sold out his friends, but his puppy... it was this little brown thing. Once I wrapped my hands around its neck, Brick lost it. You could barely hear the crack of the bone over his sobs".

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2021.11.27 14:24 Nilly00 My grandson made the comic fit on my I-phone better. I love him so much.

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2021.11.27 14:24 tasiabsweet33 Upside down cake 🎂 jus bouncing my ass round Reddit 🥳 hmu ‼️ Sweetybee33 is my name on Kik

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2021.11.27 14:24 Glass_Season How to avoid Wrist Tension & Damage

So I’m working an upholstery apprenticeship, and needless to say it’s been affecting my wrists (tension, soreness), which has affected my guitar playing (in addition to upholstery I’m also a musician)….. Is there anything I can do to ease the tension, and be able to play guitar comfortably after work? I wanna keep the job, but don’t want it to get in the way of my guitar playing and my music too much.
Any tips, advice, exercises, anything? Feel free to be as detailed as you want.
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2021.11.27 14:24 spc1221 San Francisco 21043

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2021.11.27 14:24 LordShearn New Veve Traders Telegram

New Veve Traders Telegram
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