What bits of conventional wisdom/advice were you given that ended up being wrong?

2021.11.27 14:42 The1stCitizenOfTheIn What bits of conventional wisdom/advice were you given that ended up being wrong?

Some off the top of my head
-You're not going to have a calculator all the time
-Nobody's going to make a living playing video games or watching tv shows
-You can't make a living with YouTube
-A degree is a surefire way to get a good paying job
-If you don't have a degree you're going to be stuck working minimum wage jobs
-You can't make money sitting at home all day
-If you go the extra mile at work, you will be greatly rewarded
-You'll get more conservative as you get older
-You can trust the police
-The news/press doesn't lie
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2021.11.27 14:42 jayembea Mega Lopunny add 4685 9948 4866

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2021.11.27 14:42 nicbentulan Epic Rap Battle: Kira/light VS Lelouch/zero

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2021.11.27 14:42 WickedE10 Halo Infinite Multiplayer: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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2021.11.27 14:42 cakirefeeren born of osiris-bohold tarzı müzikler söylesenize

born of osiris-bohold tarzı müzikler söylesenize
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2021.11.27 14:42 STG9000 Have you watched my yt shorts?

If you wanna see them just ask me for the link, no worries
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2021.11.27 14:42 huggiebigs Here’s to another year of being “too old” for LEGO

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2021.11.27 14:42 Knightfall31 [H] PayPal, Cash App, Venmo [W] Steam US (direct or via GameStop funds)

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2021.11.27 14:42 SuchAccountant9018 Louvre Extase by Claude Theriault

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2021.11.27 14:42 of_gothbabydoll FOLLOW ME ON TIK TOK - gothbabyd0ll

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2021.11.27 14:42 Bogdinamite The Cutest Puppy of them all.

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2021.11.27 14:42 Elpychula Rabisco do dia

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2021.11.27 14:42 Joe--D One and done.

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2021.11.27 14:42 Wumbus01 I made a YouTube video! It's terrible! If you love terrible production quality this is the video for you

The Halo Infinite Experience - YouTube
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2021.11.27 14:42 RoseyEyes98 Husband made the worst "joke" and now I am spiraling.

Why he thought this was a great idea I will never know
He joked about how he didn't want to "be all over me" as soon as I got out of the shower.
So he let me know he jerked off while I was in the shower. Like he decided to watch porn again while I was AWAKE and IN THE SHOWER for some godforsaken reason.
Now I am imagining every horrible scenario, like he didn't actually want to have sex and was trying to get one out before seeing my disgusting naked body. Maybe he needed some material to have in his mind so he could pretend I am a more attractive actress he saw on here. Maybe he said that just to fuck with me?
I am mortified and I feel like the lovely day I had was just a cheap thing and I feel gross and ugly and awful.
I can control nothing but myself.
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2021.11.27 14:42 Vegemiteonpikelets All the trigger warnings - really not sure what is happening

TW: pregnancy, loss
So I'm 2.5 years in to trying. 4 cycles of IVF and only one embryo to show for it and zero positive pregnancy tests. Just beginning a donor egg search.
Ive just had 3 days of severe cramping but my period never arrived. Also my boobs are massive and way sore. So I do a pregnancy test and it's a glaring positive.
I can't get a beta until tomorrow. No idea what is going on.
The cramps are ongoing and bad enough that I was taking pain pills (because pregnancy never occurred to me). I'm pretty sure that something is wrong. How much cramping is too much?
Also cooking dinner for 10 people tonight for Friendsgiving. Figuring out if I should postpone until next weekend.
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2021.11.27 14:42 _weeb_willow_ I love Asmo’s demon form but I can’t draw his scorpion thing, i’m so glad this sign covers it

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2021.11.27 14:42 sylentes I immediately pulled over

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2021.11.27 14:42 finnderboss420 legit?

https://stockxoutlet.net/ is this a fake page? prices seem way too low
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2021.11.27 14:42 wasolop little confused with this one

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2021.11.27 14:42 Guyinthehall8 Fantastic hidden gem museum all about Southern food and alcohol! Highly suggest stopping by!

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2021.11.27 14:42 vanchoy Minimalist Series #3: Watermelon Slice

"Watermelon Slice" is the third part of my new short drawing videos "Minimalist Series". In this video you will see the fast forwarded process of me drawing a pointillism slice of watermelon. I would like to start making the drawings as NFTs. What do you guys think about it?
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eEGb6qYR8M Pictures: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWyYHIiNCSL/
Thank you for your time! Feel free to share your feedback, I would really appreciate it!
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2021.11.27 14:42 mermaidbatrabbit Myrla and Gil

I wonder if cast members ever came to Myrla's defense when Gil would criticize her in front of them? Did they have any opinions on this?
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