How to link leaves with roots in self referential table?

2021.11.27 14:47 Isomorphist How to link leaves with roots in self referential table?

I have an SQLALchemy model like this (simplified for this purpose):

class SomeTree(Base): __tablename__ = 'some_tree' # Columns id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True, index=True) parent_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey(''), nullable=True) children: 'SomeTree' = relationship("SomeTree", lazy="joined", join_depth=10) 
I can get 'roots' by querying nodes where parent_id is None. I can get 'leaves' by querying where children is None.
My question is: How can I link the roots and leaves?
So I would like to query something like:
roots = session.Query(SomeTree).filter(SomeTree.parent_id == None).all() leafs = session.Query(SomeTree).filter(SomeTree.children == None).all() 
And then somehow link the roots with the trees here. Can I maybe add a column which could give me this information, or is there some query variation? Note that I can't just put in an 'or' or similar, I need to link each individual root with its respective leaves. I guess I could add the root info in each element in the respective trees, but that seems like bad practice. Is it? What would be the 'pure sql' way of doing this kind of thing?
The way I do it currently is by querying the roots, and then iterating through the tree manually to find the leaves - this works okay, but it requires me to load the entire tables data, and I'm worried about its performance when the load increases.
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2021.11.27 14:47 coltpython Elevator lift platform I believe -- WIIT?

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2021.11.27 14:47 Aijihi Cure Mochi, a KiraKira Precure OC, redrawn in-style!

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2021.11.27 14:47 airaonduris Anlat

Neşeni saç hadi, nasıl göründüğünü anlat, Akşam üstünün güzelliğini, dalgalara tutarak Söyle hadi, altınbaşın nasıl parladığını, Karanlığı yırtan bir kılıç gibi ışığı saçarak.
Onlar, gökyüzünde yürüdüğünü hiç gördü mü? Yoksa bunu anlatıp tutmayan da mı kabahat Sen hiç, yüreğinde bir yarayla büyüdün mü? Umudunu yeşerten o geçici duyguları anlat.
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2021.11.27 14:47 Dayt0 Trying to identify this second hand computer.

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2021.11.27 14:47 NotRealOpinions Rachel Bilson

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2021.11.27 14:47 Dangerous_Tea3464 [H]New Puffco Peak [W] Paypal G&S $260 shipped within the US.

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2021.11.27 14:47 Disasters26 POV.

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2021.11.27 14:47 LocalLink42 Are we certain that friendship and affection are the same stats in this game?

So after finding out that the soothe bell does not work in this post (which I was downvoted for, but feel free to post your non-existent counter findings). I wanted to see how many more steps it would take to get the footstep ribbon from Dr Footstep on route 213. The thing is, he won't give it to me.
My party has max friendship, as indicated by two large hearts for each one on the poketch app. I was even able to get the Best Friends ribbon from the NPC in Hearthome City for them. However, when I speak to Dr Footstep, he gives me the same quote of: "Why does trainer use only other Pokemon? Am I not needed much? Would I have been better off if I remained in the wild? No I should give this trainer more of a chance" This would imply that Dr Footsteps is checking for some other stat that isn't Friendship, which I'm spectating to be Affection.
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2021.11.27 14:47 xArgonXx mi en lipu li musi e musi Manka | 1

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2021.11.27 14:47 BBBBBBBBen Is there anything you can do save your cymbal with these kind of cracks? (Or to prevent it from cracking any further?) Thanks!

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2021.11.27 14:47 Johnguy1122 (WTS) Size L

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2021.11.27 14:47 crabber88 For the homie who told me to clean my bong👍🏻👌🏻

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2021.11.27 14:47 Shaynk592 Macro photography and lenses?

So I enjoy macro photography a lot and I recently upgraded my camera from a Canon t7i to an EOS R. I primarily take photos of insects like butterflies using a handheld setup and they sometimes spook pretty easily. I’ve been debating on getting canons 100mm f/2.8 macro lens but it just doesn’t seem to have the reach I would want for that type of photography. Canon also has a chapter 100-400mm lens which is more in the range I’d want but is focusing distance going to be an issue? What type of lens would work better? Are there viable ways to extend the range on the 100mm since I can’t find a 2x (or more) magnifier.
For context I was using a tamron 70mm-300mm (macro) lens in my t7i which has a 1.6x crop factor making the lens 112mm-480mm (macro only worked at full extension). This setup was great and fit exactly what I was shooting but I can’t seem to find a similar or comparable setup for the EOS R (RF mount). Any suggestions would be so great!!
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2021.11.27 14:47 Decent_Incident_2089 🦍Less than 500 Holders - KONG Inu 🦍 Not even 500K Market Cap✅ Whitepaper Out!

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Kong Inu - $KONG

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Kong Inu - $KONG
The great grandfather of Doge & Shiba 🦍
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2021.11.27 14:47 psychokirby17 Lf: Lustrous orb Ft: Adamant orb

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2021.11.27 14:47 TechStoney Libreboot 20211122 Released, a completely free Coreboot distribution

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2021.11.27 14:47 Autumus_Prime [NM] Attack on Weathertop (9472) - 39 spots at $5/ea

Item Name Set Number: Attack on Weathertop (9472)
Lego Price: $164
Shipping: $29 ups ground ins/$200 35603 to 98003 24x12x4 4lbs +$2 for new bubble wrap
Raffle Total/Spots: $195
Price justification: 3mo Bricklink
Call spots: Y/N
Spot limit per person:
Duration of spot limit:
Location(Country): Continental US
Will ship international: no
Timestamp pics:
Description: mo fuggin Nazgul
Payment required w/in 15 minutes of raffle filling
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban
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2021.11.27 14:47 Brandonkaimusic Brandon Kai - Too Many [Rap]

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2021.11.27 14:46 whitenitemare Looking to have Exodus shilled to me today by current users.

I have the app downloaded and have looked through it carefully. What a gorgeous app! It’s so pretty and simplistic but in my research I’ve seen that exodus is not open source.
That’s concerning to me as I’m looking to hold my coins long term, but of course while maintaining full ownership of my keys and protection from theft.
I’m still looking to be sold though. I’ve been lurking in the exodus sub and it seems to have really great feedback from the moderator. The app even has help videos you can access from inside the app.
I’m really just concerned about non open source and before anyone suggests the trezor to be paired with exodus, I only use Apple products and as far I know trezor isn’t compatible with iOS.
Looking for help everyone, thank you in advance.
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2021.11.27 14:46 fargito1017 Sweet pussy saturday

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2021.11.27 14:46 JBarber99 H: Variety of weapons and some plans W: AA/Q/TS/V Explosive LMG or .50 cal offers with 15fr, 90 or 25v

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2021.11.27 14:46 KeepItCheezy WTB Unid Anni or Anni with 10 EXP

PM if interested
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2021.11.27 14:46 Even_Contribution_96 my game stops for an entire minute because of stuttering

hello there, I just downloaded assassins creed odyssey but it keeps stuttering and is barely playable, I checked in options and the VRAM intake is at like 2000 out of 6000, it takes friggin minutes just to choose an option when picking the character in the beginning, and I'm not sure I can take this for longer, pls help, it would be so greatly appreciated.
(p.s my GPU is a GTX 1660 and my CPU is Ryzen 5 3600, ram is 16GB 3600mhz)
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2021.11.27 14:46 BenFromPerth23 Use Garage Band? Or go straight to something more "pro?"

Hey guys, I've got a new Mac coming in about a week and I'm really keen to grab a music program and make some tunes with it. (Just a hobby unless it turns out I'm a prodigy. :) )
If I really enjoyed it, I'd probably end up getting something a bit more robust than Garage band, but is GB a good place to start? (Maybe I just learn the fundamentals there so that when I am ready, I can make the most of whatever I try to use next?)
I know it's going to be simpler to learn, but I don't want it to hold me back. So if it ends up being a bit basic for what I'd like to do, can I export it to Logic (or something else) to take it to the next level? Or are they not compatible?
And if I get proficient in Garage Band, would Logic Pro be kind of familiar? Or super foreign?
Also, Logic Pro has a 3 month trial, so... I should be able to learn it (decently well) in that amount of time, right? So maybe I just download that and skip GB all together? (I doubt I'd go back to Garage band at that point, but by then I'd know if I loved making music or if it wasn't for me.)
(I keep saying Logic Pro by the way because it's the path of least resistance for me being deep in the Apple Ecosystem, and it's also been recommended to me many times. But if you can think of a good reason I should go with Ableton, or ProTools, or something else, let me know).
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