s6eny ezfn6 ftia5 y2i42 kkrhs 3ki37 se4zy i5ete 943i5 t7r5z be9tn rf448 zfbk6 z2z5f 558td 3a9e5 zh9y4 na8d5 7398b 6y4rn 8he74 🎉The first Antiverse project is here - 💥Vote + join for Weekly GAs with ACPs |

🎉The first Antiverse project is here - 💥Vote + join for Weekly GAs with ACPs

2022.01.18 03:54 Geopal13 🎉The first Antiverse project is here - 💥Vote + join for Weekly GAs with ACPs

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2022.01.18 03:54 085436773258 hes hottttttttt

so fine
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2022.01.18 03:54 xX_AndyPer_Xx Greenest of days

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2022.01.18 03:54 primal_age Guy was born imortal

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2022.01.18 03:54 Tempastas Trading these (sptw ova)

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2022.01.18 03:54 ElizabethDebicki Emma Watson

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2022.01.18 03:54 learnsamskrit Putri Khalu Mam Nidraati Sanskrit Song

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2022.01.18 03:54 cha-n_creD_9_i2sho Jessica Niigri - New video massager boobs

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2022.01.18 03:54 Saltedline Kishida vows to lay out road map for 'new capitalism' in the spring

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2022.01.18 03:54 CommonMan01 Someone should give a piece of paper to some famous person to sign as an autograph without them knowing that it's your adoption papers.

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2022.01.18 03:54 whatsyanamejack Late night thoughts on an old photo of me and my dad.

I don't know if this is the sub to leave this in, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong place.
I'm sure everyone here has been wronged in some way, shape or form atleast a few times in your lives. And when it's late at night, and your thoughts are just exploring every corner of your memory and something comes up, whether triggered by a song or story or a movie, which ever medium it might be, it's intense sometimes.
Long story short, my younger(20) self (I'm 29 now), made a horrible mistake, and left my truck unlocked one day. I drove home in the morning (followed by sleeping for a few hours of course) after a party and was super hungover. Got home around 7am, figured I'd be up from a nap in the afternoon that day, so left my truck doors ajar. I guess I was alot more hungover than I gave myself credit for, and nursed the mother of all hangovers until like 6am the next morning. The funny thing was, I remember hearing something out of my window around 330am coming back from the bathroom, but thought nothing of it. That would come back to bite me in the ass for not acting upon it, or atleast looking out the window.
The next morning, my dad comes back in the house from grabbing the paper and asks "did you go out last night? Your door is open about a couple inches". My heart sank. My wallet was in the glove compartment with about 200 bucks in it. The thing is, I could care less about the money or the wallet itself. I'm sure some of you can understand how much of a hassle it can be to replace all your cards/licenses. But still, I could care less.
What hurt me the most was I had 3 irreplaceable photos in my wallet, that my 20 year old self would fail to think to make copies of. Luckily, I later found out 2 of the photos had copies made years before, which I found. The one I can never replace, is a photo of my dad holding me in his arms infront of the living room picture window. Classic early 90s mustache on him, with the biggest smile on his face, and me at about 4-5 years old laughing. Just both of us loving the moment. I can see it in my mind while writing this with tears in my eyes.
It's been almost 10 years since losing that photo and I still think about it more than I wish I did. Like for the love of God people, punish me for being so stupid by leaving my doors unlocked by taking the cash, I deserve it. But please, just take the cash and leave the wallet.
I suppose if you talked to me about this tomorrow morning I wouldn't be nearly as emotional, but right now, I find myself feeling so much hatred towards a person that's identity is unknown.
Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to share this, but I just had to use this outlet to vent, even if it's into an echo chamber.
Good night and stay safe friends.
P.S. Lock your doors! Lol.
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2022.01.18 03:54 MarioPfhorG The friggen checklist I have to go through before streaming off the Sega Tower of Power when OBS shows a black screen

Is the Mega Drive working? plugs in and powers on Yes Is the Mega CD working? plugs in, turns on, tray opens, shows CD BIOS Yes Is the *32X working? *plugs in, hooks up video output, sees CD BIOS Yes Is the OSSC working? plugs Scart into OSSC, light goes green, screen displays signal transmitting Yes Is the monitor accepting the signal? plugs HDMI directly into monitor, sees CD BIOS Yes Is the capture card working? plugs HDMI into capture card, uses pass through to monitor, sees CD BIOS Yes Is OBS recognising it? manually resets the input capture, finally sees CD BIOS Yes
**Why do I use a 32X? Because the video output is slightly cleaner than a base MD. And because it looks cool okay 😅
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2022.01.18 03:54 prodigiousdismay Any tips on studying for anatomy exam?

I’ve been preparing and understood most material but feeling quite overwhelmed with so many material and trying to process and memorize new information we just received last week.
I. Am. Stressed. 4 exams in the span of one week
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2022.01.18 03:54 MathematicianBrief76 🐶Baby Shiba Coin 🐶 Fair Launch In 15 Minutes 🌑 Ownership Renounced 🐶 Locked | Next x200 💵 | KYC/audit| Big marketing🔥 | low cap

🐶Baby Shiba Coin 🐶 Fair Launch In 15 Minutes 🌑 Ownership Renounced 🐶 Locked | Next x200 💵 | KYC/audit| Big marketing🔥 | low cap

Welcome to BABYSHIBA

🐶 New trend - 🐶 Longterm - 🐶 insane rewards

💬Telegram: https://t.me/Baby_Shiba_Bsc

💎 Buy : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xefc9a1b5f91674a88cc9d8513ce71de5ed171875

💎 Contract : 0xefc9a1b5f91674a88cc9d8513ce71de5ed171875

This is our first long-term project aiming at refreshing and hopefully becoming a new trend of doge with a latest vision for the metaverse future.
There will be a lot of marketing campaigns ready to be delivered every day and upcoming competitions throughout the project.

Since this is not a pump and dump project, we will try to maintain the best chart possible. Meanwhile, NFTs will be built in the 1st day of launch and will soon be given in BUSD value to all holders.


Total Supply :

0%transaction fee

💧0% Liquidity

🔥0% Marketing

✅ 100% LOCKED


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2022.01.18 03:54 Pleaseworkarc It’s Hard

Abused myself through Xmas but thankfully didn’t upset anyone or my wife especially. Have had a really hard time of it stopping in January - had a row with my wife which makes me feel awful - about something stupid - I was in the wrong. We would not have rowed had I not been drinking - usually we can just discuss things sensibly as adults. So I feel pretty sh*t but want to get back into the not drinking thing - 2nd day. Keep crumpling when it gets hard. I think this time of year makes it even harder - very little to look forward to and super busy at work. We’ll keep trying though.
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2022.01.18 03:54 edswf1 Iron Man Pixel Doge. More Avengers (and Batman) in my Profile at rarible

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2022.01.18 03:54 Throwout1312 23/M- Who’s up for the question game of truth or dare?

Hey all! I’m bored and I wanna play truth or dare or the question game! So hit me up if you’re down to play! We can play on snap, or kik!
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2022.01.18 03:54 DeezUnhappyNutz What's a random really cool fact?

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2022.01.18 03:54 leewayhertz41 Live Masterclass: How to design a blockchain application architecture?

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2022.01.18 03:54 M_RiGGz Pass game console audio (PS5, Nintendo Switch) into PC?

Hey guys,
Currently I'm a little stumped on trying to figure out a very specific situation, and since I usually get a lot of good advice from this subreddit in regards to audio solutions, I figured it would be the best place to ask.
Right now I'm trying to find a way on how I can send both my game consoles audio (PS5 & Nintendo Switch) into my PC so I can simulatenously listen to game audio and anything happening on my PC, whether it be Discord, Videos, etc. I thought the best solution would be to use an HDMI Audio Extractor (the one I tried: J-Tech Digital 4K 60HZ HDMI Audio Extractor Converter) with a 3.5mm out port so I can connect one end of an aux cable into it and the other end into the Line-In port on my PC. Unfortunately this did not work out the way I wanted to. Not all audio was being picked up (seemed like only certain audio cues that were above a certain volume level came through), and there was a lot of feedback (I know this can be solved with a ground-loop isolator but the prior issue would still exist).
In my opinion I feel like I'm on the right track for something like this to work, it's just a matter of finding the right device. Only thing is that I'm struggling to find one that would do the trick. If anyone can help me narrow down the right one or has a better suggestion on how I can achieve what I'm trying to do I would greatly appreciate it.
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2022.01.18 03:54 Treyzania How do the brain calculations work?

I posted this on the most recent video but I figured I'd post it here was well. I saw in some earlier videos that large numbers of bibites causes a significant performance hit, but if the sim uses Unity's ECS system it ought to be able to handle more than "a few hundred".
If you compute through the whole graph each timestep then that could involve a lot of pointer chasing and really slow things down. If you took every brain graph and "compiled" it into something resembling SSA you could have a flat "brain bytecode" and just loop through each operation in one pass, saving intermediate values into a flat array (which you could allocate beforehand in one go), and then export by offsets, that could improve performance by a lot. It depends on how often you update the brain graph, if it happens every tick then that wouldn't be great. If you were really clever you could make it so certain mutations can just do an in-place edit of a constant without having to regenerate the entire brain bytecode.
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2022.01.18 03:54 officer_panda159 Found out my gf is texting her exs (again) and didn’t tell me. AMA

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2022.01.18 03:54 Whereismypurpose2 Biblically accurate angel ballsona requests! (base made by me) (side note: I FINALLY GOT THESE DONE. THESE TOO WAY LONGER THAN EXPECTED)

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2022.01.18 03:54 Bonus1Fact Hawaii to Require Travelers Have Covid Booster Shot in Order to be Considered "Fully Vaccinated" ¦ Gab Trending

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2022.01.18 03:54 Itchy_Ad2939 i have these bits of baked clay can someone guide how to build a 3d structure. what medium will work to create a base for it ?

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