My mom (53F) locked me out (16M) at the timefor this the cops were also involved read and tell me if I was wrong

2022.01.18 04:20 Enough_Possibility75 My mom (53F) locked me out (16M) at the timefor this the cops were also involved read and tell me if I was wrong

Sorry my English isn't perfect.Hi my name is Andrew I am 17 years of age the following incident happened when I was still 16 Last year don't know the specific Time it happened I went over one of my friends house where my mom was at I had a striking headache but I still managed to make it over there because she (my mother) said it was dark and she would need company on the journey back home so I reached the house and she was still talking with my friends mom and I overheard them talking about a little incident that happened with a drunken man and my mother he cussed her out using the most derogative words I was shocked and dumbfounded so after about thirty mins she said that it was time to go home so I was following her through this passage and I remembered that I left behind my bottle of rubbing alcohol that was helping me with the headache so I head back to the house for it and I got it from the lady and tried to catch up with my mom when I finally caught up with her I was casually talking with her not knowing that she was angry she lashed out at me and threw a punch and it missed and she asked where was I, I tried to answer but she just stomped of not hearing what I had to say so we reached the gate leading to our house and she pulled the gate and she closed it behind her so I pulled the gate still following her then I saw she stoop down took up a stone and threw it behind her I never even saw it I just heard the stone landing behind me so we reached to the door of the house and she locked me out this all happened at about 9:00 pm later that night at about 12:00pm I built up the courage went to her room window and asked her to let me in and she didn't and I knew she heard me because she is a light sleeper so after begging and pleading for a while she still didn't reply out of impulse I walked to the town about 1.5 miles away from my house deciding that I would go to the police station and I reached the funeral home and I sat on the steps of the funeral home and sit and think and decided that no she didn't deserve this and I headed back home I reached my house and I went back to my mother's window begging her to let me in and she still didn't reply I got angry and I went back to the town this time I was right in front of the police station and I saw this police officer come out of the police station lighting a cigarette and when I saw him I turned around and walked away and called out to me and told me to come here I went and I was bawling my eyes out and he asked me what the fuck was I doing on the road this late and I was trying to explain to him but he was still cussing and shouting at me so I finally got to tell him the story and he then said I was lying and my story didn't make sense and to tell the truth the whole Situation didn't make sense to me either so he carried me into the police station and said if I was lying to him he would kick me in stomach he then sat me down in front a female officer and told me tell her everything that happened then the female officer asked me If my mother was mentally ill and I said no she then took down my information and my mother's information and she tried calling but she wasn't picking up so they decided to carry me home in the police jeep and I pointed out to where we lived and the officer then again said to me that if I was planning them into a trap he was gonna kill me and he pulled out his pistol and drew back the chamber we reached home and they were heading up the path and he had to push me up the path to the house and then one of them jokingly said that he is more afraid of his own mother than he is afraid of us officers so they knocked on the door and she came out and they said to her that they could press charges and have her imprisoned and they talked and the told her to let me in and she did reluctantly and I went straight to my room for about a week she didn't speak to me and I only ate when she wasn't there so I was hungry and scared she told my siblings,the rest of the family and church members they talked to my mother and I in a room and she was allowed to tell her side of the story while I didn't get to tell mine my family members hate me even more now than before and the people at our church hugs feel more and more forced each time they hug if anybody sees this thanks for reading your feedback would be great I Know you might not believe me but I assure you everything is true
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2022.01.18 04:20 Head_Educator371 help

I need help finding a YouTube video.. It was about this guy who made a video on someone who liked to create video games in his spare time sometimes creating space adventurers and stuff, he would create them on a regular basis while also keeping up with his real life. It was about like levels I’m pretty sure and how the game is never ending. I remember a scene with a steep sort of stairway making his way across while collecting some sort of coins as one of his many video games. This has stayed in my mind as it was an amazing video but I can’t seem to find it. I think a lot of the games had a deeper meaning and the YouTuber commenting on it had a amazing way of exploring it. One of the games was in a house and you would explore the house and head outside only to see an empty world. It’s in the back of my mind I just can’t seem to find it.. he created a sequence of games that had a bigger meaning behind them. It’s really bugging me. EDIT I keep on remembering more and more. On one of the game with the declining landscape you would pick up letters and they would have quotes on them somewhat depressing or something close to it and it would fit in with how he was feeling in life at the time. Think of multiple unfinished games with basic premises but messages hidden within, that’s what the video was about. This one guy who created all of this and he was going through stress in real life. it was sort of a documentary about the guy who created games in his spare time
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2022.01.18 04:20 Cyphexrr Solid and student budget EDC

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2022.01.18 04:20 FocusBrilliant7100 Looking for few active summoners to join us .

We are looking for about 8 summoners to join us , we have been an active alliance reaching gold1/ plat4 in previous war seasons and 430+ mil aq weekly score. Some of the old members have decided to take a break from the game and some moved to relaxed alliances. So here we are looking again for members who can do map 6 aq and Aw . Prefer players with prestige above 10.5k . If interested message me on my line id: peteriprashanth
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2022.01.18 04:20 astericktheskeleton The Nkife™ when said weapon is equipped it deals 5 damage to the player per attack as well as enimies. [Special abilities] every 3 turns you have the option to throw the Nkife™ which will result in a 75% chance to insta-kill chefs and middle tier enimies.

The Nkife™ when said weapon is equipped it deals 5 damage to the player per attack as well as enimies. [Special abilities] every 3 turns you have the option to throw the Nkife™ which will result in a 75% chance to insta-kill chefs and middle tier enimies. submitted by astericktheskeleton to ItemShop [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 04:20 grandie_ Does anyone know ConnorDawg's outro song?

the one at the end of this video
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2022.01.18 04:20 vpalondon Online Personal Assistant Service Aims to Reduce Your Job Responsibilities

Managing a business involves so many responsibilities. A long list of works is meant to be handled only by you because you only know the minute details of these works. But when the work pressure becomes huge, thoughts of having an assistant must have arisen in your mind. Benefits of Online Personal Assistant Service

  1. Hiring an online personal assistant will save you some money as hiring a full-time assistant come with several additional expenses also.
  2. Office space, furniture, system – nothing is needed if you go for the... for more details
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2022.01.18 04:20 xX_TIMESLIP_Xx What should I do

So my gf (2 months) really is like attached to me and like really likes me. I bully her for liking me and stuff and generally make fun of her and make her smile and stuff. Now I generally don't remember but we got into this conversation of how we sleep and I jokingly said like something like "Yea ik but u want to sleep with me" (can't remember might be totally different.) She agreed surprisingly and deleted chat because yk I would too. She deleted chat and then said "Yea but I want to cuddle you" and then at that point I got surprised because she's saying a lot. Then she started explaining how: (1. Leg on my crotch) (2. Her tetas on my rib) (3. Her hand on my stomach) And then like maybe 2 days ago she said that she noticed my dimples when we were hanging out and said that they were "cute" and wanted to poke them and kiss them. So she wants to poke them when we cuddle and kiss em and she said I could play with her 🍑 in return. Now I didn't turn it down, but I did ask if she's alright and even if she's even Okay with that. So after that I relised when we finally do, do it it's going to be awkward because we'll yk it is. What should I do in general when it does happen? (Also we match the same energy and stuff) (ALSO I don't blame u if u think we're weird💀)
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2022.01.18 04:20 Dry_Bug_9420 I’m twunty twunty done with twunty twhunty one

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2022.01.18 04:20 mangoestomind Graeme Swann's Brilliant Impressions: Ireland, Michael Holding, Tony Gre...

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2022.01.18 04:20 Cheesy_Chimp NFT Royalties hard-coded into the Token or in Marketplace-Smart-Contract?

Hey folks,
Whenever a NFT gets re-sold on Opensea, there is a certain percentage of the price ging back to the creator. This royalty is something people talk a lot about and why Blockchains are such a great opportunities for artists and creators.
I was wondering, is this royalty-feature something what is hardcoded into a ERC-721 / 1155 Token? Or is this something that coded into the smart contract(s) of Opensea? That would mean the royalty (if any) a creator gets for every re-sold NFT differs from marketplace to marketplace.
Looking into the Contract of my NFTs on Etherscan, I can read all kinds of infos (balanceOf, baseUrI, saleActive ... ) but I don't see any royalty function in there. Makes me think that this is something handled in the marketplace smart contracts. But maybe someone knows better.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.18 04:20 Zestyclose-Gap6573 Can someone help me tell me how much I could sell this Ibanez PF15-BK for

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2022.01.18 04:20 AdOld7368 For peope who appeared in civil service interview.

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2022.01.18 04:20 adityadhawade007 Which one is better?

I'm looking for a good gaming phone to buy, I personally think that Asus ROG 5 and Sony Xperia 1 iii are two of the best ones.
Does anyone here have used these 2 phones or knows any other better option, I'll appreciate your help :)
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2022.01.18 04:20 doofusX2 Any advice on how to re-attach lining on ceiling of my car ?

Driving a 1998 Mercedes c230. The lining on the interior of the ceiling of the cab is falling down by the rear window . I would just glue it up, but there is some sort of foam or insulation on it that seems like it will interfere with adhesion. Any products or suggestions on how to do this fairly easily or cheaply?
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2022.01.18 04:20 jookco susan hart obituary : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.18 04:20 bvarw1 Wanna jerk off to hot female tennis players?

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2022.01.18 04:20 Overgeared-Al The Truth Under The Lies

Power Level 5
Can force the target to answer telling the truth to the user
Expand the ability toward the environment Can see what is real behind the illusion trick and lies
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2022.01.18 04:20 TheGuyWhoSoundsFunny Launched another How-to-Draw video. OC

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2022.01.18 04:20 Agima [100% OFF] Program to lose 7KG at HOME (4 days or 807 registrations left)

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2022.01.18 04:20 FormerTechnician9016 Leaning towards senko.

View Poll
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2022.01.18 04:20 Dengeki93 4 Flamingo recolors (contest entry)

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2022.01.18 04:20 Ok-Depth-2678 Connection issues

Me and a friend are having issues with the servers having up and joins either other. I tried hosting he tried hosting we tried joining other servers but he gets a failed to connect to server error. Anyone know of a fix?
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2022.01.18 04:20 Intelligent-Ad598 freshly made mudae server
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2022.01.18 04:20 moo_bcbd The UVXY Signal

The UVXY Signal The UVXY Signal UVXY is an Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) and is currently 1.5x leveraged tracking short-term volatility. This post is not an endorsement to trade UVXY itself, but to use it as an indicator of confirmation to execute a short on the weakest index, SPY IWM QQQ, etc. To understand how to use this as an indicator, it is important to have at least a cursory understanding of how UVXY trades, how it is priced, and what it tracks.
Currently, my market bias is one in which I expect greater volatility in 2022 and to this end I am planning to use this signal to manage when to enter and exit a short on a major index. Going short a major index is not easy as many experienced traders will tell you and being prepared is 95% of the effort. This signal will be very helpful to navigate the trade.
But, let's get to the signal right away. At the end of this post, I comment in greater detail some of the more salient facts under the hood of the UVXY etf. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UVXY Signal Conditions
  • UVXY > vwap
  • 1Op bullish cross
  • 1OSI(5) zero line cross from below
  • 1OMO bullish cross
As I stated in the Option Stalker chat, time and time again, I always, always try to find additional confluent factors to enter my trades. Some are required, some are not.
  • $TICK printing below -500. This trade is usually not taken prior to 10am. (required)
  • The relative strength (rs) of UVXY to SPY is very important. The stronger rs of UVXY is to SPY, the greater merit the signal holds. (required)
  • Option Stalker's 1Op, 1OSI and 1OMO indicators greatly support the facilitation and execution of entering the trade. Having multiple confirmations of these signals on M15 and/or M30 and/or M60 etc only further the strength of the signal and could determine whether to swing the trade to the next day resulting in very good results: +66 handles just recently, and another instance two summers ago, capturing +110 handles. (not required)
  • I usually need to see UVXY candles quickly priced 2 to 3 standard deviations greater than UVXY's vwap soon after the trade is triggered, which is anchored from the beginning of the day's first candle. (not required)
  • UVXY relative volume markedly increasing is very supportive of this trade, as is the relative volume for any leveraged inverse index etf such as TZA. (not required)
  • I look at the major indexes SPY, IWM, QQQ and require that they are all aligned to the downward direction. So if SPY is trending down but IWM (small caps) is trending up, I pass on the trade. They all must align with a negative slope on the 5 minute timeframe.
  • Seeing non-news driven SPY supply shock (a large red candlestick) is further confirmation. (not required)
  • Seeing green arrow confirmations in Option Stalker is also further confirmation. (not required)
  • I have found that I do not execute on the signal with great frequency. I need to see conviction. I need to see as many confluent supportive factors occurring as possible for me to trigger a short /ES or whichever index is the weakest at the time.
  • This signal should NOT be used to go long /ES, although you will be tempted. The reason for this is complicated, but just know the tendency is to always fade IV (VIX) so when it finally does move, the short is legit because the selling pressure is sharp and persistent. This signal is not to be used for long side of the trade, unless you are very familiar with the relationship between the VIX and SPY.
Many of these indications detailed above, are highly prognosticative and are the harbinger of SPY's commencement towards lower prices, in my experience, on the 5 minute timeframe.
Also, if the thesis of the market being 'interest rate sensitive' continues to hold true, I'll been putting more weight on the most interest rate sensitive index -the IWM small caps. I call this index the 'truth index' as I have found it to be prognosticative of negative SPY price action far too often for me to ignore in our current environment. If IWM is leading down with volume and SPY, QQQ have not turned downward yet, I may enter the short earlier if other factors, detailed above, continue to be supportive.
Exit on candlestick pattern on M5 - exhaustive candle particularly
Exit when 1Op slope change - a bear cross, or when the slope begins to flatten or about to become negative.
/ES short trade performance using my UVXY signal as detailed above. I believe most of these, if not all, were executed in realtime in the Option Stalker chat :
Dec 28 - + 8 handles
Jan 6 - +32 handles
Jan 12 - +13 handles
Jan 12 - +13 handles
Jan 12 - + 6 handles
Jan 12 - + 4 handles
Jan 13 - +28 handles
Jan 14 - +66 handles
Jan 14 - + 5 handles
Jan 14 - +14 handles
+189 handles captured since the beginning of the year... Here are some of the charts that detail the signals use.
UVXY Jan 13th 2022
UVXY Jan 7th 2022
UVXY Jan 4th 2022
UVXY Nov 17th 2021
More Details on the UVXY etf (not required reading to use the signal)
UVXY trades like a stock and during any session of the market, pre post, or general session, it can be bought long or short anytime therein. What's really nice about UVXY is that it is very liquid with double digit million shares traded and has a bid/ask width that is penny separated.
There are options on UVXY that are available on the weekly timeframe and the close to the money strikes are separated at 0.50 intervals - furthering the indication that UVXY's liquidity. I never go long, puts or calls, on any of these options. Their ATM bid/ask widths are simply too wide for any further consideration - beside this post is only using UVXY as an indictor and never to be traded as an etf, nor as an option on the etf, UVXY.
The etf can be split or reversed and has done so many times in the first few years of its inception and does so more often than most other stocks.
UVXY can be traded in IRAs - BUT I DO NOT SUPPORT anyone holding onto this etf more than a couple days, should you wish to do so. For the purposes of this article, I want to reiterate, that UVXY is ONLY being used as a signal. I occasionally do trade it, but very rarely. I almost always only use it to confirm going short a major index either by shorting /ES, going long put options on SPY, doing a PDS (Put Debit Spread) on SPY, or going long a put on SPX futures put option or going long an inverse etf on a major index such as TZA (inverse small caps) depending on my personal risk factors and what I'm seeing at the moment in the capital markets, overall.
UVXY is being used here as an indicator and not a trade and I'll be hammering that point over and over but it is good to know that it is an etf that is not giving you a share of a corporation like a stock, it has no P/E ratio, neither does it have any hope of achieving a dividend, nor does it have any quarterly reports. So, there is no fundamental aspects or analysis on it and additionally there are no TA attributes about it whatsoever as well! The price of UVXY has zero relation to the concept of supply & demand! So forget about drawing any support or resistance lines on a UVXY chart! To do so would be meaningless.
The prospectus outlines a fiduciary responsibility of tracking the VIX 1.5X (it was 2x in the past) the return on a daily bias the S&P VIX Short Term Futures ( and UVXY under the hood is comprised of a virtual portfolio of the two front month VIX Future contracts. Every single day it specifies a new combination of VIX futures.
WHAT is of great interest to me, is that wholesalers called "Authorized Participants' APs, are at liberty to intervene in the market if the trading value of UVXY's average IV (implied volatility) diverges to a greater degree than what is acceptable and these APs will start buying large blocks of UVXY which will drive the price up should IV be too low, and the reverse is true as well, if IV is too high, these APs will short UVXY if the IV is trading too high. These Authorized Participants have an agreement with the underwriter, ProShares, that allows them to do these restorative actions at a profit -- and so, these APs are very much inclined to keep UVXY tracking as accurate as possible!. This all further underscores my trust in the use of UVXY as a signal.
So What About UVXY tracking quality?
UVXY ideally should be tracking the VIX - the holy grail volatility indicator. BUT, there are no investments available that directly track VIX and so, ProShares chose to track the next best thing - VIX futures.
VIX Futures are not as volatile as the VIX and etfs such as VXX that are NOT leveraged use VIX futures.
The VIX Futures only move about 46% as much as VIX, but UVXY does much better providing 1.5X, furthermore the TVIX etf does even better at 2X, but I do not believe TVIX is as liquid UVXY.
And so, UVXY is able to keep a 1.5X constant by adjusting its daily the number of contracts they own everyday by the end of the day - a compounding effect, until a 1.5 leverage is achieved. This is a complex subject but feel free to understand the prospectus on its further details. Good Luck.
I recently discovered kman's PctRelativeStrength which visually shows UVXY mutually exclusive from SPY to indicate relative strength. This is important, because the indicator loses its meaning entirely if UVXY and SPY have relative strength in the same direction. The UVXY signal should not have any consideration whatsoever if this shown to be true and this indicator shows this relationship very clearly in his PctRelativeStrength study in ThinkOrSwim.
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